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Enjoy... and make sure you follow the link to read Davy's actual speech on the floor of the house.



Anonymous said...

So the lesson here is that there have always been idiot teabaggers?

Marc with a C said...

"Then comes the classic denouement: 'Well, Colonel, where do you find in the Constitution any authority to give away the public money in charity?'"

Actually, I believe Article I, Section VIII, which reads in part:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts, and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States.

Too bad they didn't have smart phones back then. The Constitution: there's an app for that.

ferschitz said...

To Anon: maybe, or maybe the lesson is that idiot teabaggers (or the rightwing thinktanks) love to re-write history to accord with their idiot beliefs.

I researched this a bit and saw tons of rightwing sites referencing this "historical" view of Crockett, albeit the website referenced here gets it wrong in terms of tv shows (and actually refers to a 1950s tv show about Daniel Boone, not Crockett, but then author comes back to state that "everything else" is "accurate"... yeah, cough cough).

Further research turns up this tidbit of info on Wikipedia (take with a grain of salt, too, but more likely to be accurate):

"Crockett is recorded as giving the "Not Yours to Give" speech critical of his Congressional colleagues who were willing to spend taxpayer dollars to help a widow of a US Navy man who had lived beyond his naval service.... The authenticity of this speech is questioned, however, since the Register of Debates and the Congressional Globe do not contain transcripts of speeches made on the House floor, there is no way to know whether the speech is authentic."

Frankly, I call rightwing thinktank bullshit drumming up images of heroic Davy Crockett or Daniel Boone - really who cares which as long as we reference some cultural Disney (known Nazi, btw) tv icon - which will resonate with the older generations (most of whom are enjoying their socialized medicare and social security) and make them get hopping mad, etc, yadda yadda you know the drill.

Idiocy, really, and we see how Republics love to revise history to suit their propoganda du jour, such as claiming (go look it up on YouTube) that 9/11 happened when Clinton was POTUS.

I will leave y'all with a teabagger quote from this nonsense website. The baggers get into dissing the godless commies of Hollywood. One goes so far to call Fess Parker (who played Daniel Boone on tv) a Democrat and probably a socialist, but in fact, Parker was a Republic and friend to Sainted Raygun. So one can easily see how these people just make up victimizing fantasies to suit their needs and feed their fictional fantasies.

One final comment that should make folks here laugh out loud:

"It really surprised me the other day when I heard Victoria Jackson, a former Saturday Night Live comic was speaking out at a tea party rally. I guess every once in a blue moon there is a sane person out in Hollywood."

ROTFLMAO... Victoria Jackson is the biggest nutcase out there, surpassed only by Jon Voight. har de har har

katz said...

I'm just going to make "So you're in favor of disbanding the Air Force?" my default reply.

Anonymous said...

It isn't true? Oh no!

And here I was hoping that I lived in a country with a Constitution that forbids taxpayer money being used to help destitute victims of disasters. Because helping people that way is NEVER worth the smallest possibility that taxpayer money might be misused. I'd MUCH rather live in a country that lets people die, and know that at least my money is safe!

Praise Jesus for the American Way!

Anoner said...

Well I guess when the big earthquake hits in CA or wherever, the tea partiers will NOT want FEMA assistance in any way whatsoever becuase it is all so unconstitutional, and besides Daniel Boone and coonskin hats are kewl.


Hooray4US said...

God forbid that you have a fire at your house because Davy Crockett doesn't want you to use the fire deparment to put it out. Commies!

gruaud said...

I'd like to conduct a real social experiment.

Put about a million libertarians on an
uninhabited island and let them work it
all out while they stick to their ideology.
Do the same for liberals and teabaggers.

Liberalium will, of course, be a social utopia;
maybe even a little boring.

The Confederate States of Teabaggia will
fight yet ANOTHER Civil War. This time it will
be the white rich guys and their mercenaries
vs the poor white guys. Guess who wins.

And it is my contention that things on Libertaria
will crash into anarchy and cannibalism in less
than a year. But hey: no taxes.

ferschitz said...

Hey guraud - good points.

William Golding didn't write "Lord of the Flies" for no reason.

Libertarians might want to take a break from starbursting over Ayn Rand's tediously & badly written drek and read Golding for a change. But perhaps a brush with reality would be too much for their "beautiful minds."

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