FW: You'll Like This....

Date: Sat, Apr 3, 2010 at 9:48 AM
Subject: You'll Like This....

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gruaud said...

Why would any reasonable person
believe Jim Hoft?

sodistio said...

Republicans: grow up. Stop trying to bring down a president you don't like with these petty, juvenile attempts to smear him with hearsay and lies. YOU LOST. Time to accept it and get on with your lives.

ferschitz said...

Well that's fair and balanced... if Jim Hoft - well known radical rightist fundie tea party person - says it, why then, it must be true. Even Little Green Footballs decries what a liar and fool Hoft is, and Little Green Footballs used to be a rightwing site... until the owner had enough with the looniness and crazy-making activities of the right.

Get over it, contards: give up the endless electron microscope search for some nefarious something in BHO's past that will prove something or other.

Why don't you focus on present activities and actions for a change? If you want to protest what BHO is doing now: fine. Just make sure that it's actually true, and not a blatant lie like the last post about the National Prayer Breakfast.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Do the Republics have anything positive to offer, ferschitz? If they talk about their foreign or economic policies, it will just remind everyone of how their fantasy-oriented ideas led to some really big disasters.

I think Republics are the lazy ones for refusing to re-evaluate their policies or come up with something new. They're just going to wait it out until people forget. Meanwhile the insane wing of the party turns itself into a revolutionary militia.

katz said...

I'm sure there's no possibility that said unnamed faculty member doesn't really exist and this was all made up. Or that said faculty member didn't particularly know Obama, but is a conservative and is saying this stuff now to get his 15 minutes of right-wing-forward fame.

Hooray4US said...

Has anyone ever worked anywhere ever in conservative land? I don't know about the rest of you, but have you ever worked in a place where every single employee was totally 100 percent happy with every other employee? And never had a complaint about anyone else on the staff, including the boss??

If so, where is this utopia so that I can apply for a job there.

So some alleged professor has something negative to say about BHO when he worked at the Uni of Chicago? Annndddd your point would beeeeeee...?????

Anonymous said...

I have no idea how reliable the original source cited by that blog post is, but it's clear that blog isn't very accurate.

Why? Look at the photo they're analyzing. It's a diagram labeled, "Relationships built on self-interest" and shows him drawing a diversion of money from "CORP" to "MAYOR."

That clearly seems to be a discussion of corruption in politics, yet the blog misreads it as "Relationships BUILD on self-interest" and claims it's evil Obama indoctrinating his students.

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