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Subject: 1934 cartoon

Perhaps history does repeat itself...................


Cartoon from 1934

This cartoon was in the Chicago Tribune in 1934. Look carefully at the plan
of action in the lower left corner.

Remember the adage:
"Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it."


Anonymous said...

Yes, because that's exactly what the evil dictator FDR did! He really screwed us over, which is why we only reelected him 3 times and why the programs of the New Deal because a huge part of American life. That bastard Obama is daring to act like one of our best Presidents. How dare he!

Another great insight into the wingnut mind. We all know for a fact that this cartoon was wrong. This isn't even debate, a simple look at the 20th century shows that American didn't become some commie dictatorship, but instead was the richest and most powerful nation ever. While not all of that was because of FDR and the New Deal, it did help and it certainly didn't hurt. Yet here come the modern wingnuts, acting as though all of that wasn't true and history never happened. Its active denial of facts, willful disengagement from reality.

ferschitz said...

Agree with Anon, but have to point out that the immediately prior "Teh Census is teh bad" post is praising FDR for his stimulous and infrastructure rebuilding efforts (if nothing else).

Cognitive dissonance, much???

Most Republics seem to have lost their minds, along with any sense of history and the real facts of what happened. One can argue persuasively that not everything FDR did was perfect, but it certainly made a huge difference at the time. And this country came out in so much better shape than if nothing had been done.

I do enjoy the depiction of Stalin in this cartoon. It's extremely doubtful that most conservatives who allow themselves to get riled up by crap like this even know who Stalin is and what happened under his regime.

Oh well. Thanks for the history lesson. The cartoon is interesting, but it's equally well known that back in 1934, as now, the excessively wealthy fought against programs to improve the lot of people out of jobs. Nothing has changed, except that the extremely wealthy have been extremely successful in totally pulling the wool over a significant portion of the populations eyes and brains.

Too bad, so sad...

Marc with a C said...

Ninety-plus percent of teabaggers think that the Government is too big and are opposed to government spending, yet 70% think tat the government should be doing more to help the economy and create more jobs.

Cognitive dissonance much?

Also, for a topical win:

"Say Abbot, do you know what en election is?"

"Sure, Costella! It happens every four years when the Democrats get together and pick a president!"

Hooray4US said...

Most of the tea party members are on Medicare and get a Social Security check each month. So, it's all about socialism for them, but not for anyone else. They got theirs, eff you.

It was the same when the tea partiers attended Glenn Beck's 9/12 rally on the mall in Wash DC (he didn't' bother to go himself; guess he's too superior to the "little people" who made him rich). Many of them complained loudly about not having enough Metros to get around.

Like: guess where the money comes to run the SOCIALIST metro????

As for Stalin... who knows? The teabaggers certainly don't.

me said...

You guys are fun, always good for a laugh.

you guys do realize that these are just emails right? They aren't part of any sort of official position by anyone right? The are the views of at most the writer and sender. So one emailer like of FDR is not related to another emailers dislike of him. You see the emailers are different people. I guess this whole internets thing is new to you guys. Don't worry you'll catch on.

Anonymous said...

@ Me


Many, if not most, of these emails and their stories can be traced to right wing media, right wing blogs, think tanks, or right wing figures. They get widely disseminated, sometimes for years, and these themes, memes and talking points become part of the political culture. We've all witnessed this and its been going on for years.

I've personally witnessed Republican members of Congress reading from these emails on CSPAN. What made it even worse is that I knew that the letter he was ready was pure, unadulterated bull and had long since been debunked by sources like Snopes, T or F, FactCheck, etc.

Its a sad but true fact that for a small but significant portion of the population, emails like these are a primary source of political information. So don't try and tell us that these are just inside jokes and harmless banter between friends. The fact that they even got here is proof of their longevity and impact.

Tootseye said...

Oh: gee, I didn't know that these were "emails" and they were sent by "different people." Why didn't someone tell me that before??

Face: meet palm.

katz said...

Those who do not learn from the stupid cartoons of the past are doomed to make their own stupid cartoons.

Anonymous said...

Look! We were on the wrong side of history over 75 years ago! 76 years later, we STILL haven't figured anything out! Pass it on!

Anonymous said...

Me-are you supporting the view points of these emails? It seems to me you don't disgaree on the many subjects that is discussed that I find to be appalling viewpoints.

I disagree that these emails are not pushing someone elses agenda and how they feel. If you are a supporter, just say so. Quit being a troll, your stance is boring!

You say these are only emails and the internet and so we should just ignore them all together. If it was liberals/democrats sending out similiar emails, would you feel the same way? Btw, we have tv, newspapers and radio pushing a right wing agenda and these forms of communication has been around for decades....where have you been?




waldodadudz said...

I always find it interesting how political "discussions" seem to end up being a "sticks & stones" discussion. Left-wing, Right-wing, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Tea Party, Conservative, Liberal, Socialist, Marxist, and anything else you want to use to describe a group of people that represent us. The people that represent us are known as CONGRESS. And they are made up of all of the above and others. No matter "which side of the aisle" they are from, as a body, they are the people that were voted in by Americans. If they aren't doing the job correctly, we have the option of changing things at the next election. I hope that all of you that speak in the sticks and stones mentality, understand these things. If we vote, and if we want things changed, but find nobody is running that we agree with, we have the option of running ourselves. This may not be realistic, but the point is, we have the freedom to do it. Don't you think that we should all stop and think, instead of constantly criticizing each other? Start with the basics; what do we need to live. Food, water (both of which should be unpolluted), clothing, and shelter. These are the most basic things in life. We should not be expecting anyone else to provide any of these for us. We shouldn't even be expecting someone else to provide employment opportunity so that we can provide them for ourselves. Let's all start with the basics. The original Americans, "Native Americans" (I am NOT a Native American), should be a good example for all of us; work hard & play hard, but provide for yourselves. Thank you for reading this, now please join me in getting to work on correcting things. Let me start by suggesting we vote for incumbents that have NOT had more than two previous terms in office (regardless of their 'affiliation'). That should be plenty of time to show that they are working TOGETHER to solve things without providing FOR us.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Jefferson wrote quite presciently:

"It is only when [political parties] give to party principles a predominance over the love of country, when they degenerate into personal antipathies, and affect the intercourse of society and friendship, or the justice due to honest opinion, that they become vicious and baneful to the general happiness and good."

As for everyone supporting themselves: I'd love to see a country where that's possible, but the haves always wind up trying to pilfer from the have-nots.

The top 1% continue to get wealthier while the rest of us do not, and they have the money to buy politicians as well. That's what we should be fighting against.

waldodadudz said...

Basics, let's start with the basics and work out details later. China is a perfect example of a country where it is possible to provide for yourself. That's one reason why their economy is growing. They are not only providing what people want, inexpensive "stuff", they are working for ridiculous wages just to provide the basics for themselves. This wouldn't be possible unless there were markets for their consumables. The free-market system at its best I believe.

Anonymous said...

China is an example of a government with very strong control over the economy. They participate in the global market, but the state owns many of the largest companies and is heavily involved in managing its manufacturing growth.

It also has a rapidly growing chasm between these "self-providers" (rural farmers and laborers) and factory workers flocking to government-planned cities.

But even if we slashed workers' wages enough to compete in the "cheap stuff" market against China and every other developing nation, that would only continue to siphon all the nation's wealth away from the lower and middle classes and into the pockets of the factory owners.

gruaud said...

A "free" market allows the wealthy to exploit the rest of us with no fear of consequences. A "fair" market regulates the environment and protects labor from exploitation.

Waldo, you may want to return to the Gilded Age, but I sure as hell don't.

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