Fw: Important Speech On Fundamental Rights In USA!

On Fundamental Rights In USA!

This is a little long (8 minutes) but it is a very important message that we should all listen to and act on accordingly.



gruaud said...

As long as we're referencing the 2010 SRLC,
let's take a little peek at their logo...


The plot thickens, America!

Anonymous said...

@ Gruaud

Wow! Great stuff.

ferschitz said...

I refuse to pollute my mind listening to the KKK speaking. NO thanks! But thanks for the logo, gruaud... LOL! WTF??

Anonymous said...

The video is Newt Gingrich giving a speech entitled, "Stopping Obama's secular socialist machine."

It's nothing you haven't heard before; Democrats are a "perfectly unrepresentative," "most radical Administration in American history."

Apparently Obama, Pelosi, and Reid are a socialist machine, while Bush, DeLay, and Frist were paragons of virtue.

The rest is just a blender of buzzwords and talking points.

"You can't make this stuff up. The Russian Mafia dominates durable medical equipment in Los Angeles! You can't make this up!"

Tootseye said...

Eye of Newt speaking? No thanks. Failed in the past; still failing in the present; will continue to fail in the future. Got better things to with my time.

Anoner said...

That would be 8 minutes of my life that I'd never get back, so: NO thanks. Don't have a second to waste on lies and b.s.

Come back when you have some reasoned discourse grounded in reality, or truly honest constructive criticism also based on reality.

What's that? I'll have to wait for hell to freeze over first? Yeah: thought so.

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