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Anonymous said...

Reagan-worship is the creepiest part of modern conservatism. People who want to stop paying taxes and get the government service that entails should just move to Somalia already.

Anonymous said...

Glorifying St. Reagan and the founding fathers, equating taxes with robbing your neighbor at gunpoint, insinuating that the healthcare bill is unconstitutional because it's not something the writer wanted passed. I think he needs a visit to West World so he can get the feel of a land without any government support or interference.

ferschitz said...

Maybe instead of a visit to WestWorld they can visit one of the many new "intelligent design" museums, which seem to be cropping up everywhere. You know the ones, where tea party fantasies are indulged, such as: the world was created 6000 years ago and dinos roamed with adam and eve.... No doubt such museums have some diorama devoted to how "God" didn't want republicans to pay any taxes; just teh poors and teh gheyz and teh muslins and teh joos and teh dark skinned serfs should pay taxes. Yeah, yeah: that's the ticket. I'm sure that's what "God" said and passed on to Zombie Reagan.

gruaud said...

Reagan was a terrible president. If Bush the Stupid
is one of the worst of all time, he has to take a back
seat to that greedy, mean-spirited old fool.

A gigantic portion of our current national budget
is needed to pay off the gigantic mega-deficit he
ran up in the 80's. Our children's children's
children will STILL be trying to pay it off. That
debt didn't just magically go away -- we, all of
us, pay for it in one way or another.

I knew this country was headed right into the
shitter when he was elected. But even in my
wildest dreams back then, it never ended up
as badly as this.

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