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Anonymous said...

Typical Republican opinion-mongering: Everyone's angry, and everyone agrees with us! And all our problems are the other guy's fault!

Anonymous said...

Lame. Saving some time:

Democrats, Obama, "the coasts", New York, and government are all bad bad bad and the good, honest, hardworking (white, republican) Americans just aren't gonna take it anymore!

me said...

Where do I get my decoding book? 99% of the emails on here never mention race, yet every commenter on here is obsessed with finding race in the emails.

sounds like the those on this site are the one's with the racial problem.

"If you have always believed that everyone should play by the same rules and be judged by the same standards, that would have gotten you labeled a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago and a racist today"

Anonymous said...

@ Me

some codes for you

Southern Strategy= appeal to post-CV southern whites who are scared and angry now that blacks have the same rights as them. Created by Nixon and embraced by every Republican since.

Welfare= something that only black people use and abuse, despite the fact that the majority of recipients are white

Urban= black

Obama is a muslim/Kenyan lie= he's different from us (white, christian people) and therefore not legitimate to be President.

Race has always been a huge part of American politics and now is no exception. The words may have changed and been coded but the effect has never gone away. And of course we can never forget about class, gender and religion being part of this mix.

Look at the last campaign. Sarah Palin was proudly stumping in and for the "real america", claiming to represent "real americans". Never mind that she and McCain got their butts kicked, what was the "real america" to her? Rural, white, conservative, christian people. The implication is very clear: they are "real", legitimate, allowed. Everyone else, despite being a majority, working, paying taxes, raising families, serving in the military and participating in politics, isn't "real".

As for the 99% stat you made up, try going through the archive again and counting all the emails that contain fried chicken, watermelon, and racial slurs. The explicitly racist emails alone are bigger than 1%.

me said...

I see, so I just change the meaning of words to malign the user into being racist. Let me try this

MY GOD! Anonymous, you are one sick SOB.

Anonymous said...

Change the meaning of the word? You think liberal make this stuff up? Nixon proudly talked about his "southern strategy". Republicans have spent generations demonizing welfare as something that only blacks use. Sarah Palin proudly talked about the "real america", which is objectively whiter and more republican than the "unreal" america she opposed.

None of this is made up. None of this is my invention. Its a longstanding political strategy which Republicans have embraced in the wake of the Civil Rights movement. To deny that is to deny reality.

ferschitz said...

me said has a little problem with what is so, with what is real, with what is truth, with what is factual. Nothing new there.

We can argue until the cows come home about whether certain code words are used or not, I suppose, although I wholeheartedly agree with Anon on what is written in those posts.

However, stating categorically that only 1% of the RWF's here display any racism at all is patent bullshit. Go take a gander at all the emails depicting BHO as an African witch doctor, the bullshit about him being born in Kenya, photos comparing Michelle Obama to a monkey, watermelons on the white house lawn, nasty jokes about Obama and slavery... the list is endless.

me said likes to claim that we're racist - somehow in some weird nonsensical way - because we call out the racism we see here regularly? That makes no sense, but it's the kind of twisted, nonsensical circular logic that is pumped out daily on rightwing diatribe victimizing radio and tv.

Go back to watching your pals, Glenn and Rush, me said, and I'm sure you'll be much more comfortable listening to their stories, rather than coming here to be confronted with what is so.

Thx 4 Fish said...

me: there IS a code as Anon has explained. Your insistence that emails have to be explicitly racist before they can be labeled such is a childish excuse that only the most obtuse could possibly believe. Get a more grown up argument.

katz said...

me: Huh? This isn't a race forward and nobody replying to it (except you) has mentioned race. So what's the problem?

But yes, racial feelings run deep in America, and they can sometimes be expressed without the N-word.

Also, I think I said this before, but you should really change your user name to "I."

me said...

katz, the second post mentions race.

All, if believe you can read the thoughts and intentions of other people, based on their political party or ideology, then you are nothing but bigots! It is the definition of bigotry.

Anonymous said...

@ Me

Yes, I mentioned race, because it was relevant to the discussion.

And we don't try to read people's minds based on their party ID. But we can look at their own words, their professed beliefs, the roots of their ideologies, and see a pretty convincing pattern of where their motivations come from.

All of this "you guys are the real bigots" crap from you is a seriously sad defensive move by your psyche.

me said...

you keep telling yourself that.

I'd be willing to bet KKK members use the same train of logic that you use.

I didn't know an article talking about limited government was related to race.
Weird...again, I asked for this code book, could someone mail it to me?

Anonymous said...

I already gave you a good start to the code book. The rest can be found in any decent history or politics book. Happy reading.

me said...

Got a code book from the bookstore.

Jees louis, Anon, you should probably seek professional help.

gruaud said...

I dunno why people are trying to debate this schmuck.

Marc with a C said...

"the ordinary nobodies of Flyover Country who are ridiculed, preached to, satirized and insulted by the Celebrity Loudmouths of the two Left Coasts, the Jon Stewarts and Keith Olbermanns, the Paul Krugmans and their ilk."

Maybe if they tried being smarter, smart people would try being nicer.

Or, you know, stopped claiming to be part of a "real America" urbanites and liberals are not part of.

Anonymous said...

You guys really oughtn't feed the obvious trolls.

Marc: Maybe if they tried being smarter, smart people would try being nicer
I laughed at that bit, since Krugman is one of the few calling out the lack of accountability we are demanding of financial institutions that ruined the economy, and I've never heard Stewart say anything as offensive as what Rush & Co. come up with on a daily basis.

katz said...

Me denies the existence of subtext. He must have been really confused by Animal Farm in 10th grade.

me said...

You know the pseudo-intellectuals on here are also very entertaining. Among the many stereotypes that these emails and the commenters buy into, its kind of funny to see the commenters filling a liberal stereotype.
If I were like all of you guys, I'd just buy into it.

Marc with a C said...

Well, we don't have cafes like in Europe where we can sit around laughing at the rubes, so this is the next best thing.

It's all very meta.

me said...

Marc with a C you sir are clearly the Sinbad of this site!
You keep those zingers coming!

Anonymous said...

@ Me

Apparently subtext isnt the only thing you don't understand.

me said...

Please explain anonymous, you all on here are obviously my social and intellectual superior.

Anonymous said...

Please explain anonymous, you all on here are obviously my social and intellectual superior

Finally, something we agree on.

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