Fwd: Work so I can have health care..for my (illigetimate) children

Date: Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 8:22 PM
Subject: Work so I can have health care..for my (illigetimate) children

will just "make your day"..............not!



Anonymous said...

Well its clearly a joke. Not terribly funny. Unless the meaning was to get wingnuts riled up by such and obvious joke and watch them squirm, in which case, well done!

ferschitz said...

I laughed, especially reading some of the morally outraged comments. This person has made other similar types of videos. It's called, uh, what's the word??? Oh yeah: SATIRE!

Hey, this person's satire may not be your, cough, cup of tea, but that's all it is: a poke in the eye with some, at times, hilarious mockery.

What a bunch of fools to think this is "true," but rightwingers are so blinded by their ignorant hatred of teh poorz, who are RIPPING THEM RIGHT OFF, that they cannot see the forest for the trees.

Anyone who thinks this is "true" or "real"... well, stupid is as stupid does, and you are so busted for your ignorant point of view (the purpose of the video).

Anonymous said...

I seems to me, though, that the person acting in the video feels the same as the rightwingers who are so outraged. The intent of the video seems to be to mock (as much as I hate the term) "Obamites." The video aims to mock all those groups that the right thinks voted the President into the White House for all of the wrong reasons (i.e. He's black. He's going to give me free stuff and make it so I don't have to work.) I think that this person is simply perpetuating the stereotype and their intent was to create this moral outrage.

If its a left-wing satire, then its deeper than its too deep to be funny. That would mean that the actress in the video is mocking the stereotype that the right-wing has of black people and attempting to throw that back in their face, but it doesn't really do a good job of satirizing the viewpoint if that's the case. It really just perpetuates the stereotype.

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