FWD: Just a Matter of Time

It Was Just a Matter of Time


Anonymous said...

Um... ok.

Its actually kinda funny. If you ignore the casual racism.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it ws only a matter of time, until this stupid photoshop appeared.

The President is one of those BLACK people, you know. THOSE PEOPLE wear their hair funny. Here's the white Vice Presdient photo-shopped with one of the funny hairstyles that THOSE PEOPLE have! Yuck yuck.

Yes, the current President is black. Maybe you should just, you know - get the fuck over it?

Thx 4 Fish said...

Ah racism. Along with sexism, nationalism, and christianism the basic sledgehammers in the Repub toolbox of humor. I think it is time to push for the recognizion of Humor Deficiency Syndrome a disease that sadly has no cure.

Celia said...

They could have at least done it with his actual hair colour.

ferschitz said...

I agree with Celia. Wow. So crappy. I think whoever made this one should get a whap upside the head for the world's worst photoshop effort.

Oh, now don't forget: El Lusbo has decreed that IF we lefties call this out for the racism that it is, it actually in teabagger reality land means the WE (ie, the lefties) are the racists... not the dood that, uh, "created" this magnificent photoshop & the teabaggers who think that this so har har har funneeee. Got that? I know: kinda hard to wrap your head around the cognitive dissonance, but just try for a bit.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't they have just used a photo pre hair plugs?

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