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Just gotta love it - just gotta - just the facts in a few words.

FROM A FRIEND:  This weekend I was  just passing through the small town of   McGregor when I noticed this poster.
I  went back to take a picture so I could share this with you.  I have no idea who put it up.  I  wish I did so I could give them proper credit.  The building is designated as a storm shelter area.  
I wonder if it is a City building, but I don't know.  I am surprised that it has not been circulated online or forced to be taken down by the city. ANYWAY, HOORAY FOR MCGREGOR!!!

 Way to GO TEXAS !!


Anonymous said...


gruaud said...

"I am surprised that it has not been circulated online"

Lol, as they say.

Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with growing old? When I get old and lose my mind, will I actually find stuff like this clever or funny?

ferschitz said...

Thanks, 2d Anon, that made me laugh, and that was also my question. Hey these kind of posters are out there no matter who is Prez, so ok. The birther bs is just that, so whatever. But how does this connect to being old?


Anonymous said...

Recycled Bush joke, with Kenya substituted for Texas.

You wouldn't expect them to think up jokes on their own, would you?

The thing is, their recycled jokes totally miss the point of humor. The point of the Bush/village idiot joke is that the humor rests on the fact that W was widely perceived to be stupid/clueless/an idiot. Whether you agree with that or not, the humor tapped into some specific, well-known perception of its target. A good Obama joke would tap into something specific, well-known, and relevant to him. Fact is, Obama is NOT widely percived as an "idiot". You have to think of something ELSE that taps into some common perception about him, to make the joke actaully be, you know, funny. (Note: right-wing propaganda does not equal widespread organic perceptions, ergo, the not-funny problem.)


gruaud said...

Maybe the title is meant to
fool their liberal relatives,
who ordinarily chuck such
stuff into their recylcle bin.
Just one more anti-Obama
e-mail will convince them!

Anonymous said...

If you're going to call someone else an idiot, it might be clever to use an apostrophe correctly.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Spelling and grammar par for "Tea-bonics"

Anoner said...

Agree with one of the earlier Anon posts about the mis-use of this particular effort at "humor." There's always jokes about politicians, but a really good joke "fits" the pol in question.

Agree that this is recycled from Bush, and it doesn't really "fit" Obama. Rightwing humor FAIL, yet again.

katz said...

Indonesia? Is this some new flavor of Birther conspiracy?

Anonymous said...

@ Katz

Not at all. Remember that Obama lived in Indonesia as a kid and its the world's most populous Muslim country. Its so close to Hawaii that he probably swam back and forth in order to infiltrate our country between bouts of indoctrination at a radical madrassa.

But most important of all, its a far away foreign land full of brown people which a lot of wingnuts couldn't locate on a map for $100, which makes it perfect as a place for birthers to rave about. Kenya, Indonesia, its all the same to them. They don't really give a toss where he was born, as long as they can imply that it wasn't here and therefore he's not legitimate.

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