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FW: "You picked a fine time to..."

So, after 8 LOOOOOOOONG years of listening to all the Bush songs, jokes and gossip...

This is JUST TOO GOOD!!!



Anonymous said...

Summary: Every teabagger lie, distortion, and paranoid fantasy, set to the music of a Kenny Rogers classic.

Sad that such a good song should be defiled like this.

Anonymous said...

The title is actually hilarious because it reveals so clearly how messed up the teabagger mentality is

"You picked a fine time to lead us, Barack".

Yes, because President Obama just chose to install himself in power. He wasn't democratically elected by a huge margin by tens of millions of supporters. Nope, he just showed up one day and took over, no democracy here.

And it gets even funnier. Yes, Barack did come into office at a lousy juncture in history. I wonder why that was....

Yet once again the teabagger brain can't manage to figure out how topsy turvy their view of the world is and how obviously stupid they are to anyone with a lick of sense. Its like some kind of political dyslexia.

gruaud said...

The Bush years were long, but that's because
of endless war, spying on Americans without
warrants, torture, the growth of the Elite Class
at the expense of the rest of us, and the
shredding of the Constitution.

Not because of "songs, jokes and gossip."

See the difference?

ferschitz said...

Thank you, gruaud, ya beat me to it. Plus, for the vast majority of the W years, the left was increasingly marginalized and had very little voice, other than in blogs.

They fired Phil Donahue when he started questioning WMD and the war in Iraq. Keith Olbermann only rose to prominence and really started speaking out against W during the last couple of years of the W Admin.

Counter that with the 24/7/365 ongoing onslaught by Fake "News", rushbilloseanglenn, plus a plethora of hate-filled rightwing shock jocks on radio stations across the country constantly and shrilly attacking the left and misleading their followers for decades now.

And we have some teabaggers whining about 8 loooong years of a few "jokes" from the left about W??? Spare me. Typical rightwing victimization and baloney.

Meh. Same old, different day. Boring, lacking in veracity but filled with teabagger victimization themes finely developed and pumped out by the fabulously wealthy Koch Family industries who lavishly fund the tea parties.

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