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Americans are really pissed!

Billboard on I-70 in Missouri

Look out! The sleeping giant has started to awaken. It looks like the party on The Hill is just about over.

You might want to pass this on to your neighbor so he can be prepared for what is to come should our president, his minions, and our federal legislators continue on with the destructive course they have chosen to this point.

Not since Civil War times has such strong, heartfelt rhetoric been uttered by the good people of these United States. We must work for the best and prepare for the worst, as we pray to God for His help and protection.


Anonymous said...

1) Break the law. I assume while continuing to cash your SS checks and use your medicare benefits.

2) Magically wish for something to happen which won't, oblivious to the fact that no matter who is elected they are likely bought and paid for by big business.

3) They will.

Not since Civil War times has such strong, heartfelt rhetoric been uttered by the good people of these United States.

And how did that Civil War end again?

ferschitz said...

Those so-called "strong heartfelt utterances" of the common man are being manufactured by rightwing think tanks, who also pay to pump them out ceaselessly in the rightwing media, most especially be el-Rusbo, Glenn and their ilk. These people are thinking this up and "feeling" it all on their own. They are being brainwashed to believe that this is what they want.

I have a ton of issues re the current state of what passes for the "Democrat" party, as well as many issues with BHO and Rahm Emanuel. Yet: for better or worse, BHO won the election. He WON. Get over it, ya sore losers.

If ya don't like, then, fine: go protest at a teaparty rally (I'm serious; that's a good thing to do if you wish to display your feelings, etc).

But this incessant drumbeat of starting a new civil war and advocating for killing other US citizens just because you didn't get your way is DISGUSTING. So. Sick. of. It.

The immaturity and outright ignorance is appalling.

And yes, while we're at it: brought to you by the same hypocritical shits who ranted and raged at leftists when we offered even the slightest critism of Bush. We were shouted at by Rush and O'Reilly and scolded and decried by all conservatives because we had to rally 100% behind Bush as "wartime President."

Yet 2 nanoseconds after BHO is elected, well, that thought no longer applies. WHY? Hey guess what, yoo-hoo, conservatives: the USA is STILL engaged in 2 wars, and BHO is - gasp - a "wartime president."

Yet, you conservatives not shriek out the nastiests of useless whinings about the POTUS and the US gov't, but you actually PROUDLY promote overthrowing the gov't and killing US citizens.

How much more hypocritcal can you get? And how disgusting you all are. Leftists never advocating killing conservatives, but you blissfully and ignorantly are PROUD of yourselves for spouting out such incendiary, inflaming crap. And all because, like 2 year old temper-tantrum throwing toddlers (apologies to toddlers everywhere for the egregious comparison), you didn't get "your way."

Boo de effen hoo.

Signs like this are despicable, but you conservatards will sit around thinking how entitled you are to feel this way just because your candidate didn't win POTUS.

How ignorant. How immature. How stupid. Do you seriously think the vaunted "founding fathers" (who you conservatards love to revere) would APPLAUD you for crap like this? I doubt it.

Grow the eff up. Smell the coffee. This kind of crap is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

No doubt me said will come around and tell us how we're all horrid because we decry shit like this and somehow it's all our fault.

.. or some sort of twisted blaming fantasy like that...

katz said...

So this is more metaphorical violence, hmmm?

Also voter intimidation, no? "Vote for whoever you want, but if the dems win, there's going to be a war."

Anonymous said...

"Not since the Civil War..."

Uh, do you really want to draw Civil War analogies?

It was the bloodiest war in American history, and your side - you know, the racist anti-federal-government southerners with god supposedly on their side - got it's ass handed to it.

So, are you SURE you really want to go (back) down this road?

me said...

There we go! After ferschitz wrote war and peace up there, I thought this comment thread was going to die before someone pulled out the race card.

Anonymous said...

@ Me

There's no need to "pull out" the race card with regards to the civil war and the ideology of the Confederacy. That card is out, openly displayed, and waved around for all to see.

I understand that many southerners and sympathetic conservatives have a hard time accepting how the civil war went down, and its even worse when they realize they don't have a moral leg to stand on. But they need to get over it. Its over. We don't blame them. But we do think its funny that they keep fighting this battle over a century after they lost it so decisively.

Anonymous said...

"pulled out the race card"

Riiiighhtt....WE pulled out the race card! Hahaha!

The E-MAIL brought up the Civil War. Any idea what the Civil War was about, at least in part? Here's a hint: it had something to do with race.

me said...

So conservatives are pro-slavery?

And you believe this?

Awesome! This site gets better by the day.

Anonymous said...

@ Me

Yes, because that's EXACTLY what we said. Every conservative is totally, 100% pro-slavery.

Grow the hell up.

me said...

Glad its on the record!

and again...how is inferring anything beyond the sender of said email, not bigoted?

Anonymous said...

@ Me

Ok, so you admit that the sender who invoked the Civil War is bigoted? It follows that those who read and agree and pass along this email with a hearty thumbs up share at least some of those sentiments.

Are you really so sheltered and ignorant that you've never met a Southern Confederate apologist or sympathizer and have no clue about the seething hatred still alive in many Southern hearts in the wake of Appomattox? And how that hatred translated into 150 years of racial politics which continues to this day? Do you really not know of the connection between the South, pro-confederate sympathies, and conservatism?

Now notice some things. At no point did I say that all southerners or all conservatives thought this way. But more than a few do. That's just a simple fact, one which the Dixiecrats knew and exploited and which Nixon picked up on for the Republicans after LBJ signed the civil rights act. This isn't freaking rocket science, its pretty simple actually.

Anonymous said...

Have we gotten so accustomed to the hyperbole that it all sounds the same? To me, this sign is crossing the line. The language is easily understood. "Our government is corrupt, don't pay your taxes, and if you don't get your way overthrow the gov't." At the very least those who paid for this sign should be of interest to the IRS when they decide whom to audit for non-payment of taxes...unless they are simple cowards who do pay their taxes, but want OTHER people not to.

Avant Gardener said...

Had it gone up in blue America during Bush, it would be the topic of a RW FWD: with the word "sedition" in the subject line and something about "the troops" at the end.

Interesting that "Beast" is capped.

curator, MRWD

Marc with a C said...

"Civil War times has such strong, heartfelt rhetoric been uttered by the good people of these United States."

Oh, I don't know. I seem to remember something happening in the South about 50 or so years back, involving water cannons, attack dogs, and the National Guard.

Don't remember what it was over, though.

Hooray4US said...

I find the rightwing's attitude at the moment to be beyond belief. Advocating for civil war is somehow "ok" because your side didn't win an election. Pushing to kill other US citizens is deemed just fine by the right.

Seriously: I don't get that at all.

And me said: I think that ferschitz made some very good points in what you cynically and condescendingly call "war and peace." Maybe you should go back and read it again. I think most of the non-conservatives here agree with those view points because they're quite accurate.

I, too, am very disgusted and distrubed and not at all in agreement with how the rightwing is behaving right now. Somehow because it's people on the right, it's suddenly just fine to foment revolt and advocate for killing citizens.

Wake up, me said -- how can you find agreement with THAT? Seriously, how can you accept and support such a viewpoint.

Changing the topic to whine about unfair it is to call conservatives bigots is just avoiding the reality of that appalling sign. And however you want to "frame" the debate, it's conservatives sending that out with a "two thumbs up" attitude of complete agreement and endorsement of the message.

Spare me your phoney whining about how conservatives aren't bigoted. This goes way beyond that.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming tht a group of tea-baggers on social security or disability posted this sign.

john_m_burt said...

Yes, actually, preserving slavery was the conservative position in 1861.

Just as preserving ties to Britain was the conservative position in 1776.

Liberals won both of those wars. We would rather not have another one, but we're ready when you guys are.

We might just be a LOT more ready than you suppose, and that's not even counting the little fact that the police and the Army are on our side (the handful of self-appointed "Oath Keepers", who have pledged to BREAK their loyalty oath,s will be dealt with).

me said...

if you think what we call Liberal today has any resemblance to the liberal of 1861 or 1776...well that's the best laugh this site has given me yet. Keep 'em coming please!

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