Fw: Love Country music?

Didn't recognize her name but she's pretty good!   I like it!!!
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gruaud said...

Meh, country music (especially modern country)
is pretty boring. Give me Bob Wills any day.

But, as always, what country do you want back,
Joyce? A 1950's America that only ever existed
in your imagination? Maybe an 1890's America
where the Robber Barons were stealing the
rest of us blind? Or perhaps an 1850's America?
If only we just go back in a time machine, eh?

You did everything Rush and FOX told you to
do and everything STILL went to shit and now
you're unhappy but not quite informed enough
to add it all up.

Anonymous said...

I've I did love country music, I wouldn't love it any more after watching that.

Anonymous said...

If I, that is.

Thx 4 Fish said...

@gruaud: I do believe the rightwing is pining for a return to the 1930s Great Depression. A full decade of intense poverty, joblessness, loss of pride and desperation. They DID want the banks to fail. They DID want people to lose their homes and jobs--Other People of course, heh heh. THEY think OTHER PEOPLE buy too many cell phones and TVs and Hummers. I think this may be at the root of the tea party rage against everyone getting health care. They wanted us to lose things, not gain health care.

gruaud said...

@ Bebe:

It seems to me that too many people
treat politics as WWF Wrestling and
it's all about one side "winning"
over the other. Part of this is
the constant demonization of the
left by the RW noise machine.

Righties buy into it and treat the
left as "the enemy within", while
lefties (like me at times, I admit
it) are driven into white-hot
fury at the stupidity of it all.

Meanwhile, the elites laugh at
both sides.

Anonymous said...

@ Bebe 99

You said "They wanted us to lose things, not gain health care."

You may be on to more than you realize.

I've had a couple of weird expereinces where I listened to Republicans (always Republicans) complain about something they thought was unfair to them, and then talk about how that was a reason to TAKE THINGS AWAY from OTHER PEOPLE.

For example, one Republican I know was complaining about how unionized government blue-collar workers make more money than Catholic Schools teachers. But instead of being pissed that the Catholic Church pays teachers poorly, she was pissed that state was paying blue-collar workers "too much"! Another Republican who doesn't have health care was bitching about how prisoners get free health care - but instead of demanding health care for everyone, she wants it TAKEN AWAY from prisoners!

You are being treated better than me? That means YOU need to be treated WORSE!! It's a weird mind-set, is all I can say.

Thx 4 Fish said...

@Anon. Envy is not an emotion emenable to logic. People do often vote against their own interests in order to prevent other people-who aren't 'deserving' from gaining the same benefit. The weird thing is that SO MANY Republicans are driven by this emotion. At this point in time the Republican Party's sole purpose is to allow frustrated people to rail about unfair life is, while pretending they're doing something useful.

ferschitz said...

I've had similar experiences with Republicans that I know. My rant is that the Repubs & teabaggers I know want all kinds of gov't services for themselves, but they definitely and emphatically do not want anyone else - meaning: minorities and poor folks - to get the same services. The notion is that they - the white republics - "pay" for these services with their hard-earned tax dollars, but everyone else is just a lazy lout frantically trying to rip them off personally.

I could go on, but I think everyone here gets the picture.

And yes, Gruaud, to a large extent we are ALL being played by the elites into fighting against one another whilst the elites are the ones ripping us off. The difference between Dems/lefties and Republics/righties is that Dems mostly want to raise the tax limits on the upper one percenters to even things out, whereas the Republics shriek and wail about how unfair that it is... hence the voting against their own interests idea.

I say: let's go back to the tax rates pre-Reagan, and we'd all be much better off. But tell that to a Republic - who won't have their personal taxes raised - and they'll just go nuts. They've been very carefully taught by their corporate overlords, haven't they????

And yes, it is extremely infuriating.

If some country singer (can't be bothered to listen) is singing wistfully about how great things "used to be," then they are most likley refering to when the dusky-skinned ones "knew their place." The end.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I finally listened to this...

Hopscotch on sidewalks, family drives on Sundays, blue ribbons at State Fairs, and kites in the sky are things "gone by"?


WHO, exactly, is keeping you from playing hopscotch, trying to win a ribbon at a state fair (they still have them, last I checked), flying a kite, or going for a drive???

And what in God's name do the former have to do with the fact that "Senators are bought"? (Or the cow. Why the cow?)

There is some sort of weird word-association game going on here that makes so little sense it makes my head hurt.

Kids don't choose to play hopscotch or fly kites much anymore (I guess, according to her). And politicians are corrupt. So...we're "taking back our country." Uh, from whom? The couch-potato kids, or the corrupt senators? (Or maybe from the cow of doom?)

My. Head. Hurts.

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