Fw: Welcome to Ontario


Celia said...

Oh no, my heart cires salt tears for the sad people of Ontario.

Wait, no.

Anonymous said...

Go Ontario! Seriously, when can I visit? Although my state has been a leader on the second "rule," with Prop 8, we FAILED (thanks due to the pederast Catholic Bishops and the odd marriage tradition Mormons who don't even live here) on the first one.

I'm taking notes for the next time we have a gay marriage proposition.

ferschitz said...

Sounds good and sensible to me.

Are rightwingers advocating for smoking now? Oh right, they probably think that, like global warming, the medical proof that smoking is dangerous to health is all just a librul hoax.

gruaud said...

You can smoke, just not in a public place.
Last time I was in Ontario, I could light up
almost anywhere with no problem. The
trick is in being considerate.

Is it so unreasonable that smokers not inflict
their secondhand smoke on other people?

Anonymous said...

So what if smoking is bad for your health? You guys are pro-choice, right?

Oh, that's right, you're taking over health care and want to run every other aspect of our lives too (except the choice to kill babies)

You guy are so smart. How have I survide this long without you!


Anonymous said...


If you want to smoke, then smoke away.

Just don't do it where your smoke endangers other people's health and enjoyment. Its YOUR choice to smoke, not ours.

I'm not really that hard to understand.

gruaud said...

@ con anon

Is this about abortion or smoking? Can't you
keep your thoughts even remotely straight?

I think the water in this pool might be a little too
deep for you. Stick to the wading pool.

ferschitz said...

Con-Troll is making about as much sense as they usually do, which is: not at all!!

Agree w/Gruaud - how did we go from talking about smoking to making a case against abortion?? And how do the laws in Ontario about gay marriage and smoking (Note to troll: read the damn sign and see what it says) relate to health care reform in the USA? Duuuuuuuhhhhh....

Sheesh. Teh stoopedz it burnz...

Anonymous said...

Some french refer to cigerettes as fags.
I think this sign is really refering to smoking a fag...( oral sex).

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