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Look what has been going on while we focus on health care! Please check it out.
Glenn Beck's program gave this information on his show yesterday.


ferschitz said...

Cannot, will not listen to Feckless Weird Glenn. Forget it. No way. No how. This will be even worse than the LIES spewed outta Limpballs @$$ in a recent post, below.

This dude is laughing all the way to his off-shore accounts with all the money he's making, but he's a dangerous, incendiary traitor.

I refuse to waste ANY of my precious time subjecting my ear drums to his particular brand of scum-sucking bottom-dwelling nasty spew.

Plus, whatever looney nonsense he's farting outta his @$$ in this screed is, by definition, full-on freaking nuts, a lie, and b.s.

gruaud said...

If you're relying on Glenn Beck for anything; well,
you really should go back to school and try paying attention this time around.

Anonymous said...


The Rude Pundit gives an informative rant about Glenn Beck on 11/4/09. Tells you all you need to know about this clown.

Warning: rudeness ensues.

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