FW: FW: Time for a 28th Amendment

Subject: FW: FW: Time for a 28th Amendment


What makes the
Congress more important than the people they supposedly represent?


Amendment 28

Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United
States that does not apply equally to the Senators or Representatives,
and Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators or
Representatives that does not apply equally to
the citizens of the United States.

Let's get this passed around, folks - the "elite"
have brought this upon themselves!!!


ferschitz said...

Well ok then: medicare for all, thanks! Congress has some of the best health care money can buy. That's what BHO & more progressive Dems are trying to pass, so that even RWF jerk-headed whining idiots can have the SAME good quality HC as Congress.

RWF'ers are the dickheads trying to BLOCK this. Duh.

Yeah, this is the ticket: let's pass this amendment, so I can get good quality health care affordably asap.

Thanks, contards! For once you have a good idea... ;-)

gruaud said...

Agreed. I'll take Medicare any day of the week
and twice on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Um... isn't this principle already in the Constitution? Or did that shredded along with the rest of it during the last administration?

Anonymous said...

Other than healthcare - which is kind of a job benefit for members of congress, that my job doesn't give me - what laws, exactly, apply to me and not to them, or to them and not to me?

True, I think there are special rules governing the Freedom of Info Act with respect to Congress. And it wouldn't suprose me if congress members can get away with breaking parking and speeding laws, and other stuff like that, via some tacit understanding with the DC police. (And let's face it, most prominent people, as well as the family members of law enforcement, tend to get a little tacit "special consideration" over minor infractions.) But other than that, what?

Are you telling me that the right is really, really concerned about our lack of healthcare, the FOIA, and the fact that the police probably treat Congress like they treat people who flash them PBA cards?

Tootseye said...

Agreed re Medicare for all, but I, too, am puzzled by what "laws" this fool thinks applies only to citizens and NOT to Congress and vice versa.

Dumb. They are being willfully misled by the rightwing noise factory to believe something nefarious. We can blast our Congressfarts until the cows come home for being venal, greedy, uncaring, stupid, etc.

But I don't see what special laws they have that the rest of us don't.

Maybe this dittoheads are attempting to talk about lobbying money? However, most dittoheads seem to be shrieking in favor of what the lobbyists want, so.....

DUH factor on steriods.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Those against universal, better, more affordable healthcare are of one mind--it goes something like this: "There are tons of people in this country of whom I do not approve! They refuse to work, or don't work as hard as I do, or refused to pay for a good education so they could get a job as good as mine, so THEY don't deserve it! And if the only way to keep them from getting it is to deprive myself--then so be it."

Self-hate is not a logical emotion.

Anonymous said...

Don't members of Congress get same sex benefits?

I think this is a great idea!

Snarla said...

Maybe the confused people who forward this think that congresspeople = czars = people who get awarded land and slaves?

That's my best guess.

An American by choice said...

What part of this do YOU not understand,it just passed the lower house.They are not going to get what all of us will..they already have an excellent program...for them..you will NOT have that kind of care.Maybe now you will be able to remove you heads from your "third point of contact"...your ass...be blessed:)

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