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ferschitz said...

Some AA dude singing that "Obamaman" song, which disses BHO for the stimulus. Per usual, when you see a RWF entitled "This is Funny," you have a big fat clue that it's teh stooopedz.

Whatever... in their whacked, crazed teabagger world of wingnutistan, this one's relatively mild (of course, they've pushed over the Overton Window so much that it's kind of scary what seems mild these days).

Lyndol Burns said...

Please learn how to spell and correct grammar if you are going to " attempt" to debate.

Anonymous said...


Please grab yourself a clue. Hell, grab 2, they're free!.

gruaud said...

"Oh, the horrors of internet slang!"

< clutches pearls, faints onto couch >

< opens one eye to see if anyone is watching >

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