Fw: Patriotism

I can only send this to a few close friends, because Patriotismis not a national thing anymore!

Every once in a while you see a simple act

of patriotism that just fills your heart with

so much pride that you get lumps in your


What can I say



gruaud said...

Haha....boobies. I get it.

Patriotism is fine.

It's jingoistic nationalism I can't stand.

And, sad to say, patriotism is in VERY short supply
on the conservative side these days.

Anonymous said...

Sexism is patriotic!

Celia said...

I liek boobies!

*laugh track*

ferschitz said...

RWF joke FAIL!!!!

Another post from basement-dwelling, cheeto-breathed, socially inept, ignorant southern white men of the rightwing persuasion, who listen to far too much BeckLimbaughHannityOReilly. Prolly think this post makes them edgy & cool.

Because I always equate groping a woman's tittie with patriotism of the rightwing variety, myself.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Lookit that guy grabing a girl's boob!!!! WOW!! I'm so excited, but I'll say it's about patriotism so that I don't seem like such a LOSER for getting all hot & bothered about a guy getting lucky enough to cop a feel.

Anonymous said...

A few questions come to mind:

How does this relate to America? Because this really doesn't look like a Team USA jersey these folks are wearing. Looks a lot more like some commie European team.

More important than that, those are soccer jerseys. You know, that wimpy non-sport that only socialists who hate all things American play (at least, according to most American Loving Conservatives). So are they now advocating FOR soccer?

Finally, shouldn't this guy be getting the third degree for daring to disrespect the national anthem with this horseplay?

I'm very confused by this whole thing.

Anonymous said...

I actually lol'd at this one. They rarely do anything funny. This one was funny.

Anonymous said...

Everyone has a different sense of humor. I don't find this completely offensive, but I don't find it particularly funny either. Not that I'm offended by the photo, but it just doesn't strike me as funny. But fine if others enjoy the joke.

For a RWF, it's relatively mild and, while it can be argued that it's sexist, at least it's not blindingly awful or racist.

affsbo said...

Because racism matters and sexism doesn't. I'd like to stap and set of tits on every mouth-breather - con and lib - who doesn't think this shit is offensive and make him walk through a crowded frat party.

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