Fw: thought of the day

Thought of the day:

Once we had Bush, Johnny Cash and Bob Hope.

Now we have Obama, no Cash and no Hope... LOL


Anonymous said...

Well, yes...

We used to have Bush. But he screwed up so bad that he crashed the economy and took away all the cash and hope.

That's part of the reason why a member of the opposite party got elected, see? Also, why it's going to take more than 10 months to fix. And why the Republican brand's in the toilet.

Funny how cause and effect works, isn't it?

bendk said...

Y'know what's even funnier? All three of their careers died in 2003

Hibryd said...

Putting "LOL" in a joke email is like adding a laugh track to a sitcom. It managed to remove any humor that might have been present.

gruaud said...

YOUR guys screwed this up. As any of the sane
folk knew they would.

Liberals balance the budget and don't spend
more than they tax. Something you idiots will
never figure out.

Republicans are anything BUT fiscally
conservative. If those bastards had a vacuum
cleaner the size of an aircraft carrier, they still
couldn't steal from the American people fast

Hey dummies, after your lords and masters
steal everything not nailed down, what then?
Do you think you'll win some kind of prize?

They're laughing.

At you.

ferschitz said...

Yes, this is all quite true. You NO HOPERS have brought us to the brink of destruction by stealing all the cash.

Thanks for nothing, LOSERS!

PS typical rightarded stab at "humor." Either they rip off something as old as the hills and think they're being fresh & relevant. Or they come up w/something dumb like this, as Hibryd says, have to add their own laugh track, so we'll "get it." Duh.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Bob Hope, buy Johnny Cash would have nothing to do with these 'tards.

Marc with a C said...

Do we not have any Bush either?

Thx 4 Fish said...

Lol Marc with a C. you naughty boy. I haven't seen the Carrie Prejean porn movie yet, but I think its safe to assume we still have some Bush.

Anonymous said...

Go Bebe & Marc!

Yes, I love little Miss Snotty Nose Holier Than Thou Opposite Marriage Only Please I'm Such a Great Christian and More Christian Than You Carrie Prejean... not only does she have fake boobies that someone bought for her & that accidentally on purpose fall out of her silly vest, but now her XXXX rated movie is on the 'net.

What's that, Miss Bigot? You were just coming for Jesus... as in: JESUS!!!!!!

LOL... love it when winger hypocrits get exposed for the lying liar cretinous creeps that they are.

PS Not sure what Bob Hope would've thought of Bush. I believe he was a Republican (albeit a good guy who did a lot to support our troops with his USO shows) of the old school... so perhaps the teabaggers would be "exorcising" him for not being conservatively pure enough for them!

katz said...

ZOMG, Republicans learned what LOL stands for! They are truly rising the ranks of internet communication.

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