FW: Obama: Forecaster-In-Chief

Is there anything Obama doesn't know - or want to pass on to the American people? Is there anything the former ClintonNewsNetwork, CNN, now the official Obama network won't report in order to present their new messiah in a flattering light? The answer is no and no.

As evidenced by a darling little weather report on CNN this morning featuring Obama as the forecaster-in-chief.
In his never-ending quest to control the flow of information, the Obama administration has launched a cute little website, Obama-Weather.com Included in CNN's 'report' was the visually appealing Oops moments, showing how various politicians didn't dress in anticipation of the weather. Our elected representatives are braving all kinds of meteorological events in order to make their way to the microphone to keep 'we the people' informed. A a little rain or global cooling, isn't going to stop this hearty bunch.

The Huffington Post chimed in also, "The Dresser-In-Chief is featured on Obama-Weather.com, a weather website that tells you how to clothe yourself for the coming day. Cartoon Obama's casual outfits are cute, but you can check out his actual weekend wear here."
They hasten to add that "other celebrities" are also available via a drop down menu.

All useful idiots should check this site out immediately, as Obama's predictions are known by some to be infallible. Our prediction is that it will soon start covering the next crisis du jour - global warming - in glowing, graphic detail. And even if it doesn't represent real science, its cute and convincing. Just Like Obama.

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for RightBias.com
She lives in South Carolina.


Anonymous said...

Wow is this lady nuts.

Yes, there is such a sight as "Obama-weather". As far as I can tell, it has absolutely no connection to Obama, the Democrats, CNN or any other "official" source. Obama is not "predicting" the weather or any such thing.

But I will agree with one thing, its a cute little website. You can also see how House, Angelina, Bruce Lee and Bender Bending Rodriguez would dress for the weather. Its amusing for about a minute... which clearly means its part of Obama's evil socialist effort to become BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!!

ferschitz said...

Well, now that Lou Slobbs has "quit" CNN, I guess that will make CNN even MORE of a socialisticfascimsNAZInaziNAZImarxistcommunistliebruleeeevulohmigawdi'mfreakingoutsavemejeebus! network, and therefore, this weirdo has to be RIGHT!!111!!11!!!

Wake up SHEePles!!11!! NoBummer's tekun OvuRr teh wethUr!!11!!!1 iNseene LYbrels tekEn ouVER!!!111 RunNN feR yYur LiiivEZ!!11!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jealous, much? Barry be looking might fine to me!

Anonymous said...

Damn, I wish I looked that good in shorts.

Snarla said...

My head may explode. Now right-wingers care about SCIENCE??!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Nancy MORAN. Sort of like Orly Taitz - nutty and obnoxious. That's all you need to know.

gruaud said...

Nancy Morgan for the trifecta.

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