Fw: A Marine's Rant

This one pretty much says it all.

Jim Boyd is a graduate of the University of Texas, Captain and Pilot in the US Marines. He flew 200 combat missions in Phantom Jets over Vietnam.

Today is the Marine Corps birthday. Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. Since I am both, please indulge me this rant.

This should go to Congress and the White House, but they wouldn't read it, nor would they give a shit.

Last week a "muslim terrorist", parading as a Army Major, shot and killed 13 soldiers and civilians, and wounded some 30 more. A cop took him down after he managed to get off about 100 rounds while shouting some "allah is great" spit.

Our so called "commander-in chief", barack huessin obama, urged restraint until the facts are known. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs, general casey, implored that violence not be carried out against "muslim" members of the armed services. The head of homeland security, janet napolitano was in the Middle-East reassuring "muslims" that they should have no fear of backlash from the
United States. The commanding general of Ft. Hood, the largest military installation in the United States, general cone, said religion did not come into play in the shootings. Once again the victims are shoved under the bus for political correctness. Lack of capital letters is not a mistake, just lack of respect.

The politicians, obama and napolitano are repugnant, empty suits. The military commanders are a little short of the stature of Patton, Bradley and Eisenhower. More of the ilk of westmoreland.

I would venture to guess, if a Marine Officer born in Texas, with a given name of Jimmy Doyle, wrote 20 e-mails to white supremists, while protesting the war and extolling the greatness of suicide bombers and the death of U.S. soldiers, would have been immediately arrested, court martialed, convicted of treason, imprisoned, then given a dishonorable discharge. This bag of shit was promoted, sent to
Fort Hood to counsel and teach, and then carry out his cowardly attack on unarmed soldiers.

obama doesn't allow the word "terrorist" to be used in his administration. F--- him, this was a terrorist attack by a member of radical islamics that want us all dead.

The country is fighting a war on two fronts, facing real economic unemployment of 20 %, and this group is hell bent on destroying the best healthcare in the world.

Where is the outrage? I hope it didn't end with the tea parties. I hope it is starting with
New Jersey and Virginia.

Semper Fi


P.S. Please feel free to send this to someone it might offend.


Anonymous said...

Sad. This is like an X-ray into the mind of a man whose entire worldview is based on lies, deception and a blatant disregard for actual facts.

I wonder, what exactly would he have us do? Since "restraint" until the facts are known is apparently the same as pissing on the Constitution, what would make him happy? Should we carpet bomb a mosque in retaliation? Should we purge the Armed Forces of the thousands of loyal, patriotic Muslims who now serve, fight and bleed for our nation because of one lone gunman who went crazy?

Nidal Hasan has been arrested and will be tried, convicted and possibly executed for his horrible crime. We aren't letting him go. He'll never see the light of day again. So what, exactly, is the problem? Does this cowboy want to gather a posse and dispense with some lynch mob style justice? Is that what would make everything OK?

bendk said...

I.. just don't understand why they hate us..

*drops white phosphorous on a mosque in retaliation for 13 deaths*

Beeznuts said...

I'm a little curious that he thinks that a soldier who is convicted of treason will be "imprisoned, then given a dishonorable discharge." I, uh, don't think that's how it works.

gruaud said...

Those are good questions, anon.

What do you want, Mr. Boyd? Restraint seems to
be out of the question, as does the rule of law.

There are over five MILLION muslims in this
country. Just round 'em all up and put them in
internment camps?

Anonymous said...

I would say that he likely asked for restraint because the last few such incidents-- like the one at Camp Liberty-- where a member of the military gunned down his fellow soldiers were NOT committed by Muslims.

So jumping to conclusions before anyone knows for sure what's going on or who did it could lead to one big OOPSIE that exposes your idiotic prejudices stereotypes for what they are and be quite embarrassing for our country should the shooter not have turned out to have any terrorist connections.

Just guessing, but that might have had something to do with it.

Snarla said...

It's illuminating to see which words he capitalizes and which ones he doesn't.

ferschitz said...

Out in the heartland it's hard to get much on the radio other than rightwing b.s. I think people such as Jim Boyd (there is an odd website for a guy with this name who seems to fit the profile he gives) only listen to this junk and never, ever venture to question it or try to learn another point of view.

Let's face it, during the bush admin, they wiped their asses with the constitution and laughed at the rule of law. The rule of law was for pussies.

These people have completely and conveniently forgotten the basic legal tenent in the USA, which is that you are innocent until proven guilty. I understand that when it is clear that a person is definitely guilty of killing people, it is hard to understand how this tenant applies, but it does and it does for a good reason.

Plus we have a second tenant in this country, which is that everyone is entitled to a legal defense.

I, too, don't know what Jim Boyd and the rest of the teabaggers expect in this case, other than someone should just hang, draw & quarter Hasan, then boil his body parts in oil, whilst hanging his head on a pike and displaying it in various bible belt locations around the country.

Per usual, it the rightwing teabaggers desire to be incendiary with rage about everything no matter how things are handled, which is just how the corporate handlers behind Sarah Palin & Glenn Beck want it. Enraged, but stupid, citizens are more easily manipulated.

Tootseye said...

You know, I'm all for honoring and thanking vets for serving our country, but I'm also getting tired of the idea that, just because someone served in the armed forces, their ideas should carry more weight or be venerated more than anyone else's.

This person says he's a vet and probably is, but I don't see how that status makes it ok for him to be an ignorant racist.

He adds nothing of value, nor does he have any realistic insights or suggestions, to the issues surrounding what happened at Fort Hood.

gruaud said...

I have to agree here, tootseye.

I commented on this as elitism of another kind
about a month ago.

Liberal/progressive vets are routinely scorned;
RW/reactionary vets are accorded god-like
status by the media and the Echo Chamber.

American Fascism: wrapped in a flag and thumping
the Bible like there's no tomorrow, while royally
screwing the rest of us.

ferschitz said...

Right on, Gruaud: witness the travesty of what happened to John Kerry, a decorated Viet Nam vet. The lying "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth" bashed him unmercifally, and a lot of Republics showed up the 2003 Republic convention with purple bandaids stating that Kerry got a Purple Heart for a "scratch."

It was shameless & disgusting display and complete mockery of a someone who really gave to his country, but low-life Republics had no guilt in deriding him for his service.

Then there is the very sad and horrid treatment of Max Cleland, a deocrated Viet Nam vet who lost 3 limbs. Under the guidance of scum Karl Rove, the Saxby Chambliss campaign equated Cleland with Osama bin Laden, plus there are indications of voter fraud, which resulted in Cleland losing his Senate seat in GA.

Cleland spoke recently on NPR about what this did to his psyche, and I was moved to tears. It is morally repugnant and completely reprehensible how Republics pick and choose how they will treat veterans.

No surprises, but I am always alert when I see a RWF from a veteran, who then launches into a b.s. tirade. Spare me the nonsense, and when Republics get around to treating all veterans with deference and respect, let me know. I won't hold my breath!

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