Fw: The Female Genie

Subject: Fw: The Female Genie

The Female Genie

While trying to escape through Pakistan, Osama Bin Laden found a
bottle on the sand and picked it up.

Suddenly, a female genie rose from the bottle and with a smile said,
"Master, may I grant you one wish?"

Osama responded,"You ignorant, unworthy daughter-of-a-dog! Don't you
know who I am? I don't need any common woman giving me anything."

The shocked genie said, "Please, I must grant you a wish or I will be
returned to that bottle forever."

Osama thought a moment, then grumbled about the impertinence of the
woman and said,"Very well, I want to awaken with three American women
in my bed in the morning. So just do it and be off with you.

" The annoyed genie said, "So be it!" and disappeared.

The next morning Bin Laden woke up in bed with Lorena Bobbitt, Tonya
Harding, and Hillary Clinton at his side.

His penis was gone, his knees were broken, and he had no health insurance.

God is good.


Anonymous said...

Oh Wingnuts... you try so hard and yet fail so mightily.

bendk said...

There is no.. heh big enough.. should've sent a.. bumper sticker maker

gruaud said...

Hey, you had him at Tora Bora and Dear Leader
blew it, like he always does.

Now all you have left is pathetic wish-fullfillment.

ferschitz said...


Really, I don't "get it." Yes, Lorena & Tonya: yeah, yeah.

But HRC and Health Care?? Does this mean that NOW suddenly they want HC? Does not compute.

RWFers: cognitive dissonance be thy name.

I think they're so manipulatived by Fatso Dittohead to snear, snicker and choke at the mere mention of Hillary's name, that is is a giant laff riot for them.


Celia said...

Osama Bin Laden, being of Middle Eastern extraction, is probably aware of the mythology of the djinn and knows to be nice to them. The composer of this forward, on the other hand, has no clue.

Anonymous said...

The composer of this forward appears to hate women even more than he dislikes bin Laden, but then again, in RWF-land, what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton... took away his health care?

That's the punchline, right? Like, the genie sent him to the Conservative Dimension, where Democrats actually don't want people to have health care? Or one where UHC actually passed in the US, and she reminds him that Pakistani health care is mostly private?

Anonymous said...

Don't try to apply logic to such drivel, prior Anon post. You will just make yourself crazy. The only reason why Hillary is lumped into this "joke" is because wingers hate her. They just use any opportunity to make fun of her just because.

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