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Ford Plant
  EFFICIENT?  This will knock your socks off!!   Ford Plant
This is fascinating. If you watch, listen to the very last couple of sentences. 
This is a short video of a new Ford plant in Brazil . One look at this and you will be able to understand why there will probably never be another assembly plant built in the USA .
It will also point out why more assembly plants will go offshore.
You won't doubt that Ford, GM, and Chrysler are destined to go under, after watching this video. 
They will survive, but their assembly operations in the U.S. likely won't, whether we provide a bailout or not (listen closely at the end for the reason why).
  Watch the video, then pass it on!


Anonymous said...

Questions this video doesn't address:
* How does a modern, automated factory help add American jobs to an existing market?
* Should we accept the wages and living standards of any other country where companies build manufacturing plants?
* Why is "supplier integration" the reason this plant can't be built in the U.S.?
* Who wants to be the first to take a full-time manufacturing job for $16K a year? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

There are lots of assembly plants operating all over the United States, some affiliated with the UAW and some not.

The UAW already agreed during the bailouts to cut their hourly rate to equal that of the workers at non-union US plants.

GM, which is now partial owned by the UAW, just posted its first profit in forever. The GM UAW assembly workers each got a profit sharing check of over 4 grand just last week.

This isn't about the costs imposed by the UAW, or any union. This is about corporate America's willingness to fuck over American jobs in order to save a nickel per hour in labor costs, and the bloodlust of people like the Koch brothers to crush any and all hope that non-oligarchs have of a decent middle class life. Its not enough that they have more money than the pharoahs, they want it all for themselves, and they don't care how many necks they have to step on in order to get it.

Anonymous said...

This plant was built in 2001. Since then there have been many new plants opened here in America, so that part of the premise fails.

Anonymous said...

You won't doubt that Ford, GM, and Chrysler are destined to go under, after watching this video.

But this is a video about how Ford is so great and efficient. Why would this tell me they are destined to go under?

They will survive, but their assembly operations in the U.S. likely won't, whether we provide a bailout or not (listen closely at the end for the reason why).;

So they won't go under. You just contradicted yourself, email. Oh, but their US plants will. That must come as a shock to all the UAW workers in the US who just cashed profit sharing checks last week.

The auto companies were in trouble because of shitty management practices, not because of the UAW. It was the galtian masters of the universe which drove those companies down, and it was the working men and women of the UAW which saved them.

ferschitz said...

Agree with all prior comments. The Detroit automakers were all failing bc - like so many other US companies - they were incessantly focused on paying giant salaries at the top, while plowing almost nothing back into their companies in terms of R&D. It had next to nothing to do with the workers' salaries and benefits, albeit sometimes compromises are justified on both mgt and the workers' sides.

Look at most US vehicles over the past couple of decades. They were built sh*tty with planned obsolescence and in no way were competitive with many foreign made cars. Yet mgmt wished solely to "blame" the workers and their dreadfully "huge" salaries, plus in no way accept any responsibility for their decisions not to do better R&D and build better cars & trucks.

What happened when the crash came about? Mgmt *admitted* that they were building crappy gas guzzling vehicles that the US & global population didn't want to buy.

And they've been investing in designing and building better made cars. Ford has been in the forefront and some of their newer vehicles, esp the Focus, are quite well made, are much more fuel efficient, and are cost-effective. and all that using dreaded US workers to do at least part of the manufacturing work.

Now Chrysler is doing better work, too, and utilizing Eminem to help with their ad campaigns. I understand the newer Chryslers are better designed, too.

So yeah: this is just more propoganda from the likes of the Oligarch Koch brothers trying to incite the Tea Party to agree to work for less than minium wage and think that they're betting treated well.

Wake up.

Hooray4US said...

This is like when Rush Limbaugh hostilely attacked the new Chevy Volt electric car before he even saw it, much less test-drove it.

Paid off by BigOil much, Rush??

This video has about as many lies and misconceptions in it as Rush's lambasting of the Chevy Volt.

MrCreosote said...

I agree with the observations above, that this is a hatchet job spewing canards. Heck, a half dozen neutral swiss observers would conclude this is a propaganda piece.

I got curious as to what "detnews" is. Detroit News. Did a little web snooping to learn more. They definately tend toward the economic calvanism / libertarian angle. May as well be from the Op-Ed page of the WSJ.

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