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Some history that is little known by most.
This is something we were never taught in school!



gruaud said...

Another conservative history revisionist who tries to rewrite things to shoehorn into or justify his wacked-out ideology.

"Little known" = never was.

Anonymous said...

The Bible was supposedly printed in 1782. The Constitution and Bill of Rights were adopted in 1789. Therefore the printing would not have (yet) violated the separation of church and state.

The Paintings in the Rotunda represent fictionalized versions of historical events.

As for Jefferson, he didn't believe in the divinity of Christ, and he went so far as to make his own version of the bible with all references to his supposed divinity.

If these people are so keen on using the Capitol as a church, I wonder how they would feel about having that space used by a jewish congregation? Or a Muslim, hindu or wiccan congregation? You think they would be ok with that? Somehow I doubt it.

LiberalGunner said...

I like his shirt

Anonymous said...

If people want to reach a specific conclusion, they can usually find a way to do so.

ferschitz said...

I don't feel like watching. Is this anything like Dan Brown's recent tome, "The Lost Symbol," which depicts all the Free Masonry stuff & symbols that went on with our nation's founding fathers and all the monuments and main buildings in Wash DC??

Seems like the Founding Fathers weren't exactly all that Christiany... or at least Christiany in the way that our present day conservabaggers like to depict them in their conservacloud-cuckoo land fantasies.

Conservatives: never let facts and reality stand in the way of your born-again fantasies.

Anonymous said...

"This is something we were never taught in school!"

Just give the Republicans in Texas a wee bit more time with the school books.

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