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Bellamy Brothers - Jalapeno Video .......
Turn the sound up:



Anonymous said...

Shed a tear for the poor, oppressed middle-class Christian white male, a dying breed.

There's nothing offensive here except the link to the forum full of people who really believe obliquely complaining about politics on YouTube would get your passport revoked.

Anonymous said...

From the posting:

This song/video is causing a major upset in the US. People (politicians) are wanting it banned, etc. The Bellamys are on a bus tour right now in the states
and are singing this on every stop & are getting ready to go overseas. This has caused quite the uprising. Its even been said that it should be banned in the
US and that if the Bellamy's leave the US , they wont be allowed back. Pluspeople (politicians) are saying it offends them guess the truth hurts!!!!!!!! Radio stations all over are playing this song & telling people to go to you
tube for the video. Personally, I think its hilarious! Looks like to me, its getting great reviews! Go Bellamys Good Job!

Holy crap, how delusional are people? Who, politicians or otherwise, wants this song "banned"? The content itself is so mild and boring that I'm sure you could see edgier stuff on Sesame Street! Even if it was worth watching, I guarantee no one has given this song any serious consideration as a topic of importance. Classic right wing paranoid martyr complex.

The sentiment behind that content is entitled, obnoxious, ignorant and racist, but even all that isn't channeled in any sort of interesting or creative way. I mean, my god, at least be entertaining!

Instead we get the blandest music video and song I can remember, which at the same time is being held up like some great political statement which is drawing fire from those evil, oppressive politicians!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous -- you said it well. I was pretty surprised at how bland this was after a buildup like that.


ferschitz said...

Can't be bothered to link; thanks for the descriptions. Sounds like typical self-absorbed, narcississtic rightwingers, who believe the world revolves around their *ssholes. The victim complex is taught to them by the corporate owned media, in order to make them more compliant with what the zillionaires want them to do.

How pathetic really. Who gives a sh*t about 99.9% of the junk on YouTube anyway?? Duh.

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