Fw: 2 Min Actual evening newscast from Minnesota---

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Subject: Fw: 2 Min Actual evening newscast from Minnesota---
Subject: 2 Min Actual evening newscast from Minnesota---

I really hate seeing this stuff, makes me sick, we kiss everybodys ass and what for? They can take their mosques, taxi's and party stores and whatever else they have and shove it.
They have more than just a foot in the door, I mean come on , they can dictate what is law in our country? Call me old school I don't care, I don't like what 's going on in our country, close the borders before it's too late...
This is a 2-minute video by FOX News.  Please watch.  Pay attention and send this to your friends.  We all need to know what’s going on.
Actual evening newscast from Minnesota Fox News
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sojewtastic said...

Somali cab drivers don't want to pick up people carrying alcohol or with dogs, so now of course we have sharia law there.
Target cashiers don't want to handle bacon, so they get reassigned to other departments-THIS IS SHARIA LAW!!!!111!!!11one!!
Something about some drug they have in Somalia and wanting to bring it here. And of course, Minnesota is "notoriously liberal" according to the video, so are they going to say "we don't mind, we don't care, etc" (all in a condescending tone).
Basically somalis/muslims/brown people are evil and liberals are stupid for letting them even come here.
Just more Fox BS.

Anonymous said...

Funny, they left out the part about Christians refusing to provide certain kinds of reproductive health care, or to fill certain kinds of perscriptions, so obviously we have Christian law too! And that would obviously just as unconstitutional as any other kind of religious law would be! So maybe we need to worry about Christian law and start shipping Christians back to Europe!

Bebe 99 said...

Its interesting to see that Egyptian youth have used the internet to promote long-awaited democracy in their country. And then look at what our RWDs use it for--nothing but hate.

Minnesota is the home of Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann--she's about as far as you can get from liberal.

ferschitz said...

Thanks for providing info on what this is about (which is pretty much what I figured). Once I saw it was from Fixed "nooz," I pretty much knew it would be a bunch of lying crap.

I've been hearing this apocryphal story about the alleged Target/WalMart/Costco/WinnCo worker (I've heard the story where teh *dreaded mooozlin* is employed in different stores; guess the fact that I've heard this story attributed to different stores *must* make really really *true* - eh?) won't handle bacon, and then yes: EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!111!!! Sharia Law!!!111!!!!! Run fer yer lives!!!111!!!Ohmigawd they're not gonna let us be christians!!111!!112231!

Of course, would these same conservatives be just as "offended" & freaked out by Jewish workers who refused to handle bacon, ham and pork? Or is "Jewish law" ok, but "Sharia Law" is not??

BTW some Hindus may not want to handle beef, so I guess we should all shriek & shout & randomly freak out about that, too!~!!1111!! and hate liberals just because!!!11!!!1@111

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