Fw: Obama constitutional crisis deepens!

Subject: Obama constitutional crisis deepens!

By forwarding this message, I am not advocating the donation of funds.  That
is your choice only.  However, I am sending this to let you know what is
going on in government, that which is rarely shown on the news channels.
Somehow this president has to be stopped before he totally destroys our
government as we know it.

Liberty Counsel
Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman


By "deeming" the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) to be
indefensible and unconstitutional, President Obama has
once again exposed his willingness to subvert the checks
and balances at the heart of our Constitution.  This
crisis is so serious that I have recorded a special
audio message for you. Please carefully read my note
below - Mat.


Just who does Barack Obama think he is?  Is he now the Chief
Justice of the United States Supreme Court?

During the same week he used his massive Organizing for
America (OFA) email list to urge liberals to attack state
governors who are trying to cope with emergencies caused by
decades of unsustainable promises to government workers,
he judged a law passed by the Congress of the United States
to be "unconstitutional."

         This is outrageous!  Barack Obama is NOT the
         first Emperor of America!  He is not the King,
         Lawgiver, and Supreme Judge of our nation.
         This arrogance cannot be tolerated.

++The President is shoving us into a full-blown constitutional

The subversion of our constitutional republic is reaching
an advanced state.  Here's a current example of the havoc
it is wreaking in our judicial system:

         In a little over a month, I will argue before
         the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals against
         Attorney General Eric Holder's team of attorneys
         in our lawsuit against ObamaCare. The DOJ is
         defending the constitutionality of President
         Obama's centerpiece legislation, which, I assure
         you, is totally unconstitutional!

         Yet yesterday, Obama and Holder announced their
         plans to abandon any defense whatsoever of the
         federal DOMA, the law which defines marriage as
         being between a man and a woman.

         They "deemed" DOMA to be unconstitutional in
         federal policy as though they had any authority
         whatsoever to do so.  This, in spite of the
         fact that DOMA has been in federal law since
         1996 - and has withstood many court challenges.

++The President and his AG took oaths to defend the Constitution.

The unbelievable arrogance demonstrated by Obama and Holder
has stirred a deep resolve among patriotic citizens to stop
this tyranny.  This Administration's lack of respect for
the Constitution has once again been dramatically exposed!

The President and his Attorney General have a DUTY to
defend lawfully passed legislation, especially when the
essence of the law has been upheld by many courts. What's
more, THIRTY STATES have passed marriage amendments
affirming marriage as the union of one man and one woman!

         President Obama's decision to refuse to defend a
         law passed by Congress has caused a tidal wave
         of indignation and outright anger among citizens
         who recognize this act for what it is - a cynical,
         politically motivated dereliction of duty!

If left unchallenged, this kind of overt subversion will
ultimately lead to a disregard for our God-given unalienable
rights and the complete dismantling of our constitutional
system of government.

++Liberty Counsel is fighting to stop this subversive activity!

Right now, Liberty Counsel is standing at the epicenter of
the battle for the soul of America. We are actively engaged
on many fronts in defense of liberty, life, and family.

         Here is my pledge to you concerning the President's
         refusal to defend DOMA: Liberty Counsel will
         continue to aggressively defend the sanctity
         of marriage as being between one man and one woman.

         And we will "petition to intervene" in any case
         in which the sanctity of marriage is not receiving
         whole-hearted, quality representation!

I have just recorded an exclusive audio message for my
Liberty Counsel team concerning the Obama/Holder betrayal
of the Constitution and what it means to all Americans.

Please go here to listen to my message:


++We need your help at this crucial hour.

The reality is that we are facing powerful and dangerous
adversaries on the battlefield for liberty. And because
our opponents are so well funded - and in a growing number
of cases supported by federal tax dollars - it is necessary
that I ask for your help to continue fielding the best
possible defense (and offense!) to counter these attacks.

We depend on friends who give $20, $30, $50, $100 - whatever
the Lord leads - so we can stay involved in these crucial

Please go here to support Liberty Counsel, our defense of
marriage, and to hear my urgent audio message:


Thomas, the decision to sacrifice our nation's
DOMA law on the altar of political expedience represents
one of the most damaging attacks on our nation that has
ever been visited upon our people.

This is not "hype" or overstatement.  Sadly, we have reached
a crucial moment in the history of our nation.  This outrage
must be confronted!

Liberty Counsel long ago emerged as one of the leading voices
for faith and freedom in the nation. We are turning back
attacks from the ACLU, fighting ObamaCare in court, and
rallying hundreds of thousands of citizens to take action
in defense of faith, marriage, and life.

Please consider making a special gift in this crucial hour!
Your prayers and sacrificial giving literally make it possible
for us to continue our vital work.


++The President's dereliction of duty must not go unchallenged!

I promise you, Liberty Counsel will NEVER stand by silently
as the Obama administration, activist judges, and/or radical
pro-homosexual groups attack the American family!

         Now that the Obama Administration has taken
         this outrageous course of action, I am more
         committed than ever to fight to defend marriage
         in our courts and in the court of public opinion!

In fact, a large portion of Liberty Counsel's litigation
docket is already composed of cases related to pro-homosexual
efforts to redefine marriage.

Thomas, will you make a tax-deductible gift to help
Liberty Counsel continue defending marriage in courtrooms
across America and to immediately, forcefully respond to
the President's betrayal of his duty?  We urgently need your
help! Go here to make your gift and to hear my urgent audio


         Please help us defend marriage. We need to build
         up our war chest to counter the ACLU, Lambda Legal
         Defense Fund, and apparently, the United States
         Department of Justice! The enemies of the God-
         ordained definition of marriage are well funded
         and committed to their twisted cause.  We simply
         must not lose due to a lack of resources!

Click here to help us defend marriage and counter the DOJ's
betrayal of its duty to defend the law of the land:


Please pray about the way in which the Lord might be leading
you to support Liberty Counsel's defense of marriage. And
thank you so much for your prayers and support as we stand
for marriage against the rising tide of legal attacks,
including this most recent outrage from Barack Obama's
Department of Justice.

THANK YOU in advance and may God bless you!

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

P.S.  President Obama's outrageous decision has made me more
determined than ever to stand for marriage - no matter the
cost and no matter how difficult the fight!  If you can
financially help Liberty Counsel right now, I would be
deeply grateful. Go here to donate and to listen to my
urgent audio update:


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Anonymous said...

I see we have a new dog whistle in trying to say Obama "deemed" DOMA unworthy of further defense, as if this is some legislative trick, rather than just picking which battles to fight.

It's also very telling that the author considers improvement of health care unconstitutional, while stopping gays from getting married is a Constitutional crisis.

Anonymous said...

If left unchallenged, this kind of overt subversion will
ultimately lead to a disregard for our God-given unalienable
rights and the complete dismantling of our constitutional
system of government.

Holy crap, really? Letting 2 same sex people marry is going to strip us of all of our right? This is a nightmare!

This is not "hype" or overstatement. Sadly, we have reached a crucial moment in the history of our nation.


Anonymous said...

We depend on friends who give $20, $30, $50, $100 - whatever
the Lord leads - so we can stay involved in these crucial

Now lets all join hands and sing a healthy round of Onward Christian Soldiers, I feel better already.

gruaud said...

"President Obama's outrageous decision has made me more determined than ever to stand for marriage - no matter the cost and no matter how difficult the fight"

Sure, buddy.

It's about as costly and difficult as backing the Roman Empire in 10 AD.

Anonymous said...

While I do support this move in some ways (I hate DOMA and I'm all for gay people to be able to marry), does this set a bad precedent, or has this been done before? I realize he's simply saying "we're not going to defend it in court if someone challenges it," but is this legally ok? I think its a reasonable question to ask, if only so we don't have a future president feel justified in unilaterally taking a step backward in terms of human rights.

Anonymous said...

To answer the question above, this has actually been done before, first by Thomas Jefferson, and most recently by George W. Bush. But, as always, IOKIYAR.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

It has been done before. The President says that he will still enforce the law, because that's his job. He won't defend it in court, because he believes its unconstitutional. Its a nuance but an important one.

If nothing else, remember that Obama is a constitutional lawyer and scholar. Something like this isn't undertaken lightly.

Bebe 99 said...

"President Obama's decision to refuse to defend a law passed by Congress has caused a tidal wave
of indignation and outright anger"

This is funny because in the past 2+ years I can't think of a single thing that Pres. Obama has done or said that HASN'T caused a tidal wave of indignation and anger among his foes. In reality a lot of Repubs have just dropped this issue as something they don't want to defend either.

ferschitz said...

Ah the rightwing thinktanks hard at work to gin up the "outrage" at nothing. A very very good *distraction* from the real issues of the day - such as the battles for workers' rights across the country.

I've never understood why conservatives feel so very insecure about their sexualities and their hetero marriages. If they are so deeply committed to their partners and lifestyles and religious beliefs, then why should they be so *shaken* to consider two gay people getting married? HOW on earth is that so "threatening" to the core foundations of their marital status?

Like abortion, if you don't believe in gay marriage, then don't marry someone of the same gender as you. Quite simple, really.

But this is mainly being brought up bc serial adulterer & ever so great "family values" guy (not a lying hypocirt with double standards of course) Newt Gingrich is announcing his candidacy for GOP Pres. And he's banging the drum about Obama's stand on DOMA as a way to gin up the outrage in the GOPer base... in order to focus attention on him (and get money from the base).

It's an old political trick.

Think for yourselves for once, GOPers!! You might find it refreshing.

Hooray4US said...

There simply is no "constitutional crisis." The rightwing coughs up nonsense about the constitution based on what they want their base to believe.

What Obama is doing is perfectly reasonable, and many conservatives have considered doing the same thing.

but the base can be relied on to get freaked out by lies like this, so I guess it works. Too bad.

I agree with others: you're being distracted from other important issues, like how the rich are ripping YOU off, whether you're conservative or liberal.

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