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> Breaking News
> This just in...... have you heard it??
> Playboy reportedly offered Sarah Palin $4 Million to pose nude in their Feb. issue...
> Michelle Obama was offered 50 bucks from National Geographic.....
> And in other news.....
> We all remember the KFC "Hillary Meal"--- two small breasts and two big thighs.
> Now, KFC has announced an addition to their chicken dinners.
> It's called the Obama Cabinet Bucket.
> It consists of nothing but left wings and assholes.

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Sammy said...

Yeah...but they're not racists...right?

ferschitz said...

Racist, sexist, bullying, shitty, ugly, nasty... What Would Jesus Do, all you church-going Christiany conservatives?? Does Jesus smile upon you for behaving this way?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, please remember to remove our e-mail addresses, we wouldn't want to show our true racist face to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the blind CC list. I noticed when I received wing nut post that I disproved with a "reply to all" the senders then become concerned about using blind CC list. Also I noticed several cabinet members Republican and Independent weren’t forced to eat left wings.

Anonymous said...

Beauty contests: The only measure of female politicians' worth.

gruaud said...

Wonder what your mothers, wives and daughters would think of that.

Oh, you'd rather they not see that?

How embarrassing it must be, to be you.

Zeno said...

Most of the people who forward mail like this appear not to be intelligent enough to use the bcc feature. After all, they can't seem to clean out all the accumulated forwarding chaff before they send it on again.

Several uses of "Reply to All" have been quite successful in reducing my volume of stupid mail from family members. Since I don't appreciate the "humor" in the idiotic and often racist messages, they've decided not to inflict them on me. (Victory!)

Archibald Tuttle said...


Perhaps we should require candidates' pictures on ballots so the Would I tap that? voters can make an informed decision.


Reply All worked for me also. That's why now I have to come here to see where the nutters are getting their latest "ideas" from.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Obama "Change" bucket, and just made all the behind me in line pay for it. Socialism SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

I bought the Obama "Change" bucket, and just made all the behind me in line pay for it.

Sounds like the just rebranded the W bucket, which was a rebranding of the Reagan bucket. Of course, under the Obama bucket, some of the benefits may actually go to the poor and desperate instead of the rich and/or super rich.

Socialism SUCKS!

Maybe if we ever get any here in America we can see if your thesis holds up.

gruaud said...

"I bought the Obama "Change" bucket, and just made all the behind me in line pay for it. Socialism SUCKS!"

Name one book you've read that lays out how Socialism works or addresses the history of Socialism over the last 100 years.

Or do you just dimly understand that Socialism sucks because your wealthy masters tell you it sucks?

You have a brain. Exercise it once in a while.

katz said...

You have a brain.

You may be overoptimistic. I think to prove that one would have to occasionally express an opinion that wasn't from an email forward.

Hooray4US said...

Ok, so now I'm confused. It's OK for rightwingers to wank openly about naked Sarah Palin & have wet dreams that she's posing naked in Playboy??? WTF? How does that square with their christiany "family values"????

Agree with Katz, I think it's overly optimistic to think these beings have brains...

Anoner said...

If conservatives deem it worthy to only vote for women who meet certain standards of attractiveness, do they have similar standards for male candidates?

How do they explain conservative politicians like Virginia Foxx? Or does Ms. Foxx fall under the usual: IOKIYAR?

SoRefined said...

How is this NOT tagged 'sexism?' 90% of the post is about the conventional bangability of female politicians.

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