FW: Obama's New Strategy!

Subject: Obama's New Strategy!


Anonymous said...

This comic is hilarious for anyone who's seen that old photo of Reagan with his unlabeled "think of the children!" debt chart.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that wingnuts are finally going to admit the similarities between their blessed Saint Ronnie and Obama? How both presided over shitty economies for their first 2 years (and how Obama was handed an even worse situation than the Gipper and probably did more with less). How Reagan exploded the debt, except his explosion was done simply to give tax cuts to the rich and greatly expand the military while cutting into social services.

By the way, the jobs and economy arrows are completely wrong in this picture. The economy has rebounded. GDP has been rising for several quarters in a row, the Dow is back to pre-crash levels, and corporate profits are at an all time high. The unemployment rate has leveled off and is slowly going down, a result of 13 straight months of private sector job growth.

But hey, why should I expect truth from a wingnut cartoon, especially from a company which calls itself "comically incorrect"? Incorrect indeed.

ferschitz said...

Well one of the reasons why I, as a hard leftie, dislike Obama (speaking for myself) is that he has admitted to styling himself after crappy Reagan. These days, of course, Sainted Zombie Alzheimer's Reagan would be considered a hard-left socialist by the wingnut brigade, who don't know their history one iota.

That said, I personally found Obama's recent SOTU to be far too rightwing inclined and far too similar to Reagan for my tastes.

Which just goes to show that the wingnut crowd is definitely being encouraged to *hate* Obama for no real reason, since Obama has enacted nothing more or less than the third term of Bush (only worse if you look at his rendition record, plus the numbers of US soldiers killed in the wars).

Yeah yeah, more rightwing propoganda to distract the rubes from how much they're being ripped off by the elite 2% who *own* and *control* the wingnuts, plus also some portion of Democratic voters, I'm sad to say.

Rightwingnut propoganda duly noted.

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