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this is really very good; a short and illustrative video
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Subject: A student explains 100 Million Dollar Budget Cut   
A student explains 100 Million Dollar Budget Cut planned by our President.
trust me, you have to watch this one and I promise you'll end up smarter in just a minute and thirty-eight seconds. 

Recently Obama announced that over the next 90-days he is going to work to cut 100-Million dollars of spending out of the Federal Budget. 
A college student explains the real impact of this.



Anonymous said...

Pretty sure we've seen this one already, since that news is from April 2009.

And while it's absolutely right that making random cuts of that size is not going to affect the national debt in any meaningful way, we could also say the same about Rep. Cantor's YouCut program to slash tiny amounts of funding for programs Republicans hate (which is to say, programs that help someone other than billionaires).

Slashing spending without a plan is just as bad as spending too much in the first place.

Anonymous said...

this is my jeff foxworthy style joke: if you don't already understand how little of the federal budget 100 million dollars is... you might be a republican. How about a simular video explaining where that clinton era surplus went, and/or how much bush's wars of choice + tax cuts cost?

question asker said...

are these are the same people that want to get rid of all foreign aid (except maybe israel), but will call you alquedafacsocommusocialist if you want to cut the defense budget? and by the way how can a group that hates the government so much fetish the military so much?

Anonymous said...


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