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it is about time something like makes the news. the reason wetbacks are not required to learn our langue is because it might offend someone ! but let one of us go to Mexico or some other country and see if do not have to lean their langue . I hope you will care enough to pass this on.


Insanity prevails...judgment has set in...our borders will soon be overrun from every direction...our population will double, rendering the patriotic, freedom-loving Ameicans who built this country powerless at the voting booth, or anywhere else, to preserve and semblance of our freedom, our culture or our heritage.

It is upon us, and yet, we go about, one day after another, as if impending doom is not hanging over our heads like an ominous, dark cloud. Due to the ignorance that is rampant across the citizenry, I see no possibility of stopping the "imminent" and permanent collapse of life as we have known it. Click on the link above and watch the clip (Walt)...

Listen to this short 36-second news clip. You will not believe what you hear.



Snarla said...

Danny doesn't know his own "langue." Who's he to talk?

Anonymous said...

The Faux "News" clip is from mid-2007 (and it's about something that happened around about 2005, fer gawds sake) and bc it is from fux nutwork, I am immediately skeptical of its veracity. In doing some quick & dirty searches, I didn't find anything that completely debunked the story, but of course, Fux did SPIN it to death.

Cannot attest to absolute veracity of the following, but I found a number of posts like this one on different websites:

"SALEM, Ore. - Some English-speaking firefighters are losing their jobs because of an Oregon state law that requires them to be bilingual.
The Department of Forestry enacted a law three years ago that requires them to be bilingual, but this year they're actually enforcing it.
2002 was such a devastating wildfire season, contractors were scrambling to find firefighters. Hispanics often filled their needs on the fire lines.
Jim Walker of the Department of Forestry said "what we do know is 85 percent of the crew make-up is of Hispanic decent."
Those concerns led the state to draft a new rule that all firefighting bosses speak English, and the languages of crew members who don't speak English.
Jaime Pickering, a squad boss overseeing 20 firefighters, says the rule means "job losses for Americans. The white people."
Because of the state's language requirement, Pickering can no longer work as a crew boss and supervise 20 firefighters, he can only manage a squad of four.
Pickering says that "if you have one Spanish guy on the crew, as an English crew boss, you can no longer be a crew boss, you have to step back to a squad boss, which is a demotion."
While the state made the rule change in 2003, it decided to strictly monitor the law this year as Hispanics continue to fill fire lines.
http://www.katu.com/news/3634401.html "

Whilst the above story ALSO talks about white folks "losing jobs," what actually seems to be happening is that non-bilingual crew bosses have to "step back" to crew status if they have Spanish-only speakers on the crew.

It is more about how crews are made up, and also about how Oregon often only gets Spanish speakers applying for these jobs.

The LOSERS out there are whining about how UNFAIR this is to WHITEY (and I happen to be white, myself). Well, hey, if ya don't like it, then why don't YOU apply to be a firefighter??? Sounds like they need the help. If the English-only speaking boss has a crew of English speakers, then s/he can keep his/her job.

I just love how these dickwads go nuts over nothing:
" I see no possibility of stopping the "imminent" and permanent collapse of life as we have known it."

Sheesh... if this constitutes the "imminent and permanent" collapse of your LOSER life, then you are even more of a LOSER than I thought... gadz.

dave said...

Good rant, Anonymous.

curator MRWD

Anonymous said...

These people are all chicken littles flapping & twirling over nothing... but "Sir" Rupert Murdoch knows his stuff: toss the red meat to the knuckledraggers and they'll get their knickers in a twist everytime.

Works for Lucifer Cheney, too, as in: Terroists!! booga booga be afraid, fear, fear, fear...

ho hum

Anonymous said...

By happenstance, my roommate told me (after I had read this RWF) that her nephew is currently doing this kind of fire fighting work. In my roommate's own words, she compared it to "migrant farm work," in that it is temporary labor and the fire fighters have to move around to where the fires are. Also the benefits and pay aren't that great and there is no guaruntee of the "next job." Plus there is no guarantee that doing this kind of fire fighting will lead to a permanent job in local gov't.

I had no idea how this system works; it's not like your local firefighters, who are full-time employees of your local gov't w/nice benefits and pensions and stuff.

So apparently we have the case where central americans (presumably legal but not English speakers) are willing to work for low pay & few, if any, benefits to do DANGEROUS and back breaking and ESSENTIAL work.

I live in CA, and even *some* right wingers here admit that our state's/nation's economy relies HEAVILY on both legal & illegal central americans who do most of the $hit work that no one else wants to do for low wages & long hours with few benefits. Such folks often live in (literally) card board shacks w/no utilities (really; it's shameful).

Those living in racist wingnuttistan love to whine & cry about such folks "stealing" from our economy, but as one prior post says: if YOU want to do this work, then effen APPLY for it. duh.

One of the very, very few things that I agreed with W on (shudder to admit agreeing w/that chimp on anything) was the foreign guest worker program that he proposed. Needless to say, it was shot down in flames by racist wingnuttistan.

If we had such a program, these racists would have less to get upset about (boo de effen hoo).

Anonymous said...

So, apparently when our borders get "overrun", the immigrants run immediately to the voting booth, because you know, people get to vote just by being there without any documentation or citizenship or anything .


katz said...

Right-Wing Forwards, the Pre-Internet Days:

Italian, Irish, and Eastern European immigrants are overrunning our borders. Soon patriotic, freedom-loving white people will be powerless at the voting booth and unable to preserve our culture and heritage. I see no way to stop the imminent collapse of life as we know it.

Forward this on if you don't want to be speaking Italian in a few years.

Marc with a C said...

If you are going to do a dangerous job where people may very well die if a mistake is made, it only makes sense to require that a leader be able to speak the language of his crew. I can understand making an exception if it's one or two non-English speakers out of a team of 20, but if you're a white guy commanding a crew of 20 Hispanics with minimal English skills, it really makes you wonder why you're not studying Spanish in the first place. Its not a hard language to learn and for the sake of everybody involved, it makes a hell of a lot of sense. I don't hear any wingers bitching that the U.S. Border Patrol required officers to be either bilingual or willing to study Spanish as a condition of their employment.

Slightly OT with regards to the original news story but the language of the United States has been English, but this is not by decree but by default.

People who don't want any other languages spoken in the US usually resent "wetbacks" coming into the US and "stealing" White people's jobs.

However, it should be noted that there has been a great degree of multilingual practice in the United States, even predating the foundation of the USA. The French and Spanish were the inhabitants of many parts of the new world, and before them the Indians. Hell, most of the Southwest wasn't taken by the United States from the Indians, but taken by military conquest from Spain and Mexico.

Point is, I think that while there are arguments to be made for English being a mandatory language in such jobs as police and emergency workers and the military, and bilingualism should be encouraged for the sake of convenience and homogeneity, the fact remains that ALL U.S. citizens have rights.

To strip them of their rights to vote or work or drive or earn fair pay solely because they don't speak the common (but not official!) language of the United States is un-American and immoral.

Anonymous said...

I have traveled a lot, and what I've discovered is that in most parts of the globe many people are at least marginally conversant in 2 languages - usually their native tongue and English (in third world countries, even the illiterate & uneducated often speak two or three languages). Most educated Europeans can speak reasonably fluently in two to five languages (even those snobby Parisians can!).

Frankly, I welcome the motivation to learn to speak at least a little Spanish. As one of the recent posts said, it is quite an easy language to learn (I'm not that good w/ languages), and we have opportunities to use it.

A big difference between progressives and what has become the rump of the Republican party is that progressives (warning: sweeping generalization) tend to see things as OPPORTUNITIES, whilst what now passes as "consevatives" (albeit, these are not my father's Republican party) tend to see almost everything as a negative force that is "destroying" their so-called cherished "way of life."

I know enough about the Bible to know for a fact that Jesus never promised them a rose garden, nor did he ever say that nothing would ever change.

Change IS the only constant in life... get over it and get on with it. Sigh... might as well talk to a brick wall; I'm sure I'd get better results!

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