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I received today at school. Very powerful! I am not necessarily a Gators fan
but Tim Tebow is one of my favorite players. Read below......

Finishing Strong!
A true story shared by Tim Tebow at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes
annual dinner on Thursday, February 12, 2009. And, a follow up story shared
by Urban Meyer!
During the 2008 NCAA Football Season the National Championship University of
Florida football team faced many challenges. Everyone remembers the
passionate speech quarterback Tim Tebow delivered after the mid-season 1
point loss to Mississippi . The team morphed into a better, more cohesive
and stronger unit. The theme for the team became FINISH STRONG!
During the 4th Quarter of the SEC Championship game, facing the #1 Ranked
Alabama Crimson Tide without star running back/receiver Percy Harvin and
behind on the scoreboard, Tim Tebow and the Florida offensive team rallied
on the sidelines and passionately committed to FINISH STRONG as they went
out and scored the winning touchdown in dominating fashion. They FINISHED
During the 4th Quarter of the National Championship game, facing the #1
Ranked Oklahoma Sooners and the most dominant high powered offense in the
history of college football, the defensive team. Special teams, and the
Tebow led offensive team rallied on the sideline and passionately committed
to FINISH STRONG as they went out and shut down the Oklahoma offense and
then scored the winning touchdown to secure the win.
Once again, they FINISHED STRONG!
Tim Tebow spoke about those games and compared them to the game of life.
We face many opportunities to make good decisions and to passionately pursue
many different goals in life. Most of us pursue them passionately and many
of us successfully achieve those goals. But when we don't achieve those
goals.are you able to say that you FINISHED STRONG? In life, as we move
toward our destination, are you going to feel good about your answers to the
following questions that ultimately are waiting for you: Did you do enough?
Did you do too little? Did you finish strong?
The guy who wears number 15 and accessorizes with a 'red cape' finished his
testimonial after dinner with the following story:
A day or so before the national championship game God touched his heart
with a message.Tim needed to change the message on his black eye liner that
he wears when he is playing. All year he had a reference to Phillipians 4:13
on the eye liner which represented the following: I can do all things
through Christ which strengtheneth me. He talked to four or five others
about switching the message and everyone except his parents told him not to
do it because they had been so successful all year with the Philippians
4:13. His parents, Pam and Bob Tebow, supported the change and Tim knew it
was the right thing to do. He played the championship game with John 3:16 on
the eye liner which represents the following: For God so loved the world,
that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should
not perish, but have everlasting life.
We all know the outcome of the game, but the phone call that Tim received a
couple of days later when he was back in Gainesville was nothing short of
unbelievable. Tim answered his cell phone and it was the P.R. guy for the UF
Football game. He said, "You set a record." Tim wondered what kind of record
he was talking about. "In the 24 hour period from the start of the
championship game, JOHN 3:16 was Goggled. 93 MILLION times! No other topic
had ever been Goggled that many times in a 24 hour period of time."
Follow up story from Urban Meyer, Coach of the 2008 National Champion
University Florida football team:
As Coach Meyer was introduced next, he looked out at the 400 attendees and
said, "How do you follow that?" as he referred to Tim's testimonial.
Coach Meyer then shared a few stories and then introduced his last story
with the following introduction: We all hear about the incredible family Tim
is a part of. With everything going on in the world, you just know there is
no way Pam and Bob Tebow can be as perfect as they are made out to be.
I am here to tell you I witnessed the most amazing conversation which is the
truest testimonial to how incredibly good the Tebow's truly are.
A few days after the championship game I sat at a table in the back of the
Ballyhoo restaurant with Tim, Pam and Bob Tebow. It was just the four of us
and I listened in amazement as Tim's future about moving to the next level
of football was decided. Unbelievably, the NFL was never once mentioned.
Tim's dad started the conversation by saying that Brett Farve spoke about
his faith and no one ever listened. Here was a future Hall of Fame
quarterback and no one heard his message. Tim then said." I can think of 93
million reasons why I would want to stay in school and play my senior year
at the University of Florida ."
That's how the decision was made.
Which platform would provide Tim with the best opportunity to share the word
of God? As you now kn ow, playing his senior year for the University of
Florida would be that choice.
And, is there any doubt about Tim's passionate commitment to FINISH STRONG?

Rick M. Tomberlin
Head Football Coach / AD
Valdosta High School
3101 N. Forrest Street
Valdosta, GA 31602
W# and fax # 229-333-8585
Cell 229-269-3987
Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the LORD your
God is with you wherever you go."
(Joshua 1:9)

One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it.
Knute Rockne


CMcD said...

"In the 24 hour period from the start of the championship game, JOHN 3:16 was Goggled. 93 MILLION times!"

Wow, and 93 MILLION just happens to be the number of miles from the earth to the sun. And Florida is the SUN-shine state. The mind Boogles!

Anonymous said...

I think the NFL collective bargaining agreement expires at the end of this season which may make a draft unnecessary. So Tebow will be able to sign with the highest bidder.

Finish Strong.

SJT said...

I'm not sure where they got this research that it was the "most googled thing ever in the history of google or whatever". A simple check of google trends reveals that, while there was a spike in volume for john 3:16 on the day immediately following the BCS title game, the volume is by no means huge. I tried comparing it to a simple search of "BCS" for that day, and it absolutely dwarfs it. Don't even try a google trends search for "Obama".

Think about this: 93 million people had to google the passage? That's roughly 1 out of 3 people in the entire United States. I doubt even that many were watching the game, and of those that were I bet the vast majority were familiar with what john 3:16 says.

And anon, while the CBA has been rejected and there is likely an uncapped year coming, there will still be a draft through at least 2011.

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