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Greetings !! The article below, albeit a long read, is very interesting perspective!   ( fw Thanks to Mc)
 I admittedly,because there seemed no continuity, only half heartedly listened to the speech ! But, the entire time I could not help but feel the pain of our outgoing President and First Lady as they had no choice but to sit and listen to what basically was a continuance of the campaign's defamation of their eight years of service to our nation! ( I personally would had gotten up and departed the area after rendering appropriate gestures)  Fox News and only on Fox  presented the now Former President's "homecoming speech" as he arrived in Midland. In all respects a heart felt "Thank You to the American Public",  as in every aspect of the transition and his Presidency, just genuine"class " !  And in keeping with  tradition nary a negative word on the now "sitting President" was spoken. (Something the  two living former Democratic Presidents and now the "President's White House Web Page "(( on day one)) seem to have forgotten !! Not to mention what is not considered "personal property" in the White House !!
  History is a harsh judge, unfortunately most historians are a lazy lot, mostly from liberal academia, and will use the biased media's half truths,selective statistics, public gullibility with sub-slanted polls as the basis of " the near history negativity" of the 43rd President.  I'm certain time will change that in a most positive way !.............and I might add as things are starting out, it won't be that long a time!
The "Presidential "popularity contest" and "audition" for the part Commander in Chief " are over and I hope, for our Nation's well-being, "a" very successful term for the 44th President. But talk, no mater how eloquent is cheap,  only actions count  in the form of the tough decisions taken in the best interests of our country!   I would also hope the new President is personally treated and judged by the media and opposing populace with the exact same degree of,respect, fairness, thoughtfulness, factual and unbiased objectivity as was the 43rd!! Don't hold your breath! God Bless America ! As always Take Care ! JEP                             PS:Did you know JFK's famous "Ask not............."    was, but never  acknowledged as such , a direct quote from a speech to his troops by General Omar Bradely

The Bubble Will Burst Sooner Rather Than Later Tuesday, January 20, 2009
The Government We Deserve By Howard Galganov

The anticipated GREATEST Presidential Inauguration Speech of all time came, went, and will be forgotten.

If it will be remembered for anything, it will be remembered for its platitudinous negativity.

EVERY news outlet I turned to in the USA or Canada sang the praises of then President Elect Barack Obama’s anticipated Inauguration Speech, INCLUDING FOX News.

They spoke or wrote about the forthcoming Obama Inauguration Speech as if it was to be the Sermon From The Mount.

They, the media, declared that the Obama Inauguration Speech WILL BE THE BEST Inauguration Speech in history, that will set the new American agenda for the next 100 years.


The Obama Inauguration Speech was filled with platitudes that basically said:

We will fix America. As if the USA was broken.

We will restore our reputation in the world. As if the opinion of the rest of the world really means something when ONLY the USA is ready to step up to the plate.

We will revert back to our Constitution that will not torture prisoners. As if torture is something Americans do as policy.

We will get back to work. As if America doesn’t work.

This speech went on, and on, and on, as if America is a failed nation that has to be rebuilt from the foundation up. As if the talent, the willingness and the ability were all there, only needing Obama to bring them together.

Nowhere in his speech were the words YES WE CAN or CHANGE. There were, according to estimates, some TWO MILLION people in Washington to hear and see the Inauguration.

But, there weren’t the wild applause and the fainting women as we’ve witnessed in just about all of his campaign speeches.

There were some tear stained cheeks, especially upon Black faces in the audience, who consumed the moment with great pride in the knowledge that one of their own has made it to the Highest Office on the planet; understandably so.

But, there was no great moment that set the agenda for the rest of all time. There was nothing said by Obama to make me believe that tomorrow is going to be a better day because of his victory.

All I saw in looking at him, and in hearing his words, was an arrogant man who won a great prize for HIMSELF - who doesn’t have a real plan of what to do now that the prize is his.

It’s easy to make election speeches, especially AWESOME election speeches when you have the ability to speak and deliver as fabulously as Barack Obama can. But, it’s a different matter altogether when you have to make a speech of real substance once the time for electioneering platitudes is over.

Barack Obama’s approval rating is 80%, and that’s before he has done anything. Imagine how low it will fall the first time he screws-up, or makes a bad decision, or makes no decision at all, as his previous voting record shows?

Imagine what will happen to his approval rating when he continues to look more like Bush, than like the Savior he has passed himself off to be?

Imagine what his LEFTIST something-for-nothing bunch support-base will think of him when they still have to pay their rent, make their car payments, and continue to live on Hamburger-Helper as he lectures to them from his new Ivory Tower?

Imagine what the world will think of him, as America’s Foreign Policy will be decided by Committee, rather than by the Commander In Chief. Or, when Hillary Clinton places HER Foreign Policy above his?

I will sum up this whole sordid affair with the following:

As George W Bush came into the White House 8 years ago, the Clinton Team removed the W’s from all the White House computer keyboards. They trashed the offices, and left a mess behind for the Bush Team to clean up.

Bill Clinton did the minimum expected of an outgoing President in terms of handing the reigns of power over to his successor.

Now fast forward 8 very long and very hard years for President George W Bush, who absorbed the worst kind of verbal abuse, even while he kept America and the rest of the world safe.

Unlike other Presidents, the attacks on George W Bush were very personal, more to do with the unearned and unfounded hatred the LEFT and Leftist media had for the man, rather than with the man’s policies.

But he took it. He absorbed it all. And he NEVER once openly complained while he did his job for America and the world.

Yet, after all of this, George W Bush left his White House in dignity, and orchestrated the most complete and respectful transition imaginable, so his incoming successor and team would be properly briefed, up to speed, and ready to govern the minute after the Inauguration.

For his troubles, and for his unbelievable personal sacrifice, when George Bush took his seat behind the podium, thousands, if not 10’s of thousands, or perhaps hundreds of thousands of Barack “Disciples” chanted:

Na Na Na Na – Na Na Na Na – Goodbye – Goodbye.

How much more disrespectful could they have possibly been? Obama will deliver the government most of the people deserve.

Best Regards . . .


Potato Head said...

You know, it was because the Bush Administration was so preoccupied trying to find replacement "W" keys for their word processors that they couldn't find time to hear Richard Clarke and others warn them time and again about Osama Bin Laden. Incoming Secretary Condi Rice omitted any mention of terrorism from her list of concerns because she didn't have enough time, all because of those damn Ws. John Ashcroft diverted FBI resources away from counterterrorism because of the Ws. But do you hear the LEFTIST MEDIA report that? Of course not.

And don't get me started on how Clinton was responsible for Katrina.

Anonymous said...

The last eight years never happened. The economy is great. We are safe from the terrorist hordes (for now). There are no American infidels in Baghdad.

This e-mail is clearly incorrect because it claims Obama is a great public speaker, but Fox News tells me that he can only read from a teleprompter!

Anonymous said...

Unlike other Presidents, the attacks on George W Bush were very personal, more to do with the unearned and unfounded hatred the LEFT and Leftist media had for the man, rather than with the man’s policies.

Unlike the 1990s, in which the right wing's attacks on Bill Clinton were entirely restrained, and only focused only on his policies.

For instance, when John McCain quipped "Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno," he was making a serious comment about the Justice Department.

Anonymous said...

Now fast forward 8 very long and very hard years for President George W Bush, who absorbed the worst kind of verbal abuse, even while he kept America and the rest of the world safe.

Like: ohmigawd... I don't EVEN know where to begin with this deluded and, frankly, insane rant.

I really think these folks have completely LOST their marbles.

Yeah, W sure did keep ever so safe, and thanks heaps for the steaming pile of $hite in which we are now so "safely" living.

Going thru this line by line would take too long. These are the biggest bunch of whining tantrum throwers. Get over it: you LOST because you are all LOSERS.

Bow down to your new dark overlord....

VagusDoc said...

This had to have been written by Bill O'reily's 10 year old son. Only a child could argue in this kind manner of absolutes.

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