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A serious – and scary – message.

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Subject: Our Changing World



Anonymous said...

Glad I've lived w/Muslims and have Muslim friends. Their food's pretty good, too.

Suggest everyone take a big, huge breath and take it easy...

If christianists weren't so wedded to the notion that everyone has to believe exactly as they do, and do precisely what they say at the exact instant that they say it, they would perhaps not be so FREAKED OUT by everything.

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Wait, so we should all run and eff like bunnies??? So we can madly reproduce our lilly white selves??

Yippeee.... bring on the hurly-burly girls!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... did a little research on the New America Foundation, but keep finding stuff that says it's allegedly non-partisan, etc.

anyone else got anything on them?

This video is terminally boring & very incomplete. It lists a bunch of statistics, which are probably close to being true in terms of the European\white (descent) birth rates in N. Europe, Canada & the USA (although I LOVE how, if you count the dirty messicans in the USA, THEN our birth rate is "ok." hooray, jose, the border door is open to ya now!).

But I'm not so sure of the scary muslin birth rates are as accurate. Me thinks I smell a rat.

I could be wrong, but the basic premise (repeated endlessly) is that the "world as we know it is going to change."

Uh, hmmm, YEAH... no $hit Sherlock.

It stands to reason that it will change, and we already have proof that whites in the USA will slowly become a minority as intermarriage amongst races increases (and we all start looking like Barry... ha ha... we should be so lucky).

I realize that this causes some racists to recoil in horror, but I think it's a natural progression.

And I dunno, I have heard other stats that claim that the Mormon Church is the fastest growing global religion, and that it is gaining ground in quite a few Muslim-dominated countries, as well as the once Catholic-dominated countries, esp in Central & South America. So, ah, well, who knows?

Of course, Mormons give christianists the willies, too...

The video was very short on providing info on where they got their facts from... and I, for one, am always skeptical about SCARY (booga booga) info provided with next to no background factual info (not to mention, there really isn't even a title identifying where this stupid thing comes from).

So, hmmm.... as the first post says: maybe it's time to be nicer and friendlier to your mooooslin neighbors????

katz said...

Hey first poster, lay off us Christians! Most of us aren't intolerant bigots, you know.

This video is of the "say numbers in an ominous voice" strategy.

Anonymous said...

First anon response to last post: apologies, and you're right. It's just that I grew up in a fundie household and have watched in growing horror at how, uh, I don't know how else to put it: how insane, mean-spirited, rude, nasty, obnoxious & out of control w/ rage that they have become.

I do agree w/ you that not all Christians are like this, and in fact, in many ways I consider myself a Christian.

That is why I used the term, christianist, in my post.

It is from direct personal experience w/an extended family who act in ways that I feel do not reflect AT ALL what I was taught as child going to church and reading the Bible.

And my family is VERY emphatic about the muslims, and I get to hear chapter and verse about how ALL Muslims - no matter what - are absolutely the spawn of Satan and will rot in hell and that ALL of them are out "get us" and to "force us" to become Muslims, and that the Koran is evil, and so on.

So, sorry for the rant, but I have to listen to the most insane crap that makes no sense to me. Plus I DO have several Muslim friends & lived w/ a Muslim family in India for a year, and I find my family's tirades to be very offensive, insensitve and ignorant.

and believe me, their friends spout out the same kind nastiness, as do the churches to which they belong (I go to church w/them as infrequently as possible bc I find the hatred being spewed forth to be quite intolerable and the way they they choose to interpret the Bible to fit their ends to be quite breathtakingly appalling).

I will get off my soapbox now, but believe me, I speak from bitter experience but will try to frame my replies better in the future, as I grant you have a point.

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