Fw: Hmmmmm?

Fw: Hmmmmm?



Anonymous said...

Ya, that dumb old Obama. How dim do you have to be to think that Keynesian economics could ever work? I mean, besides all those times in the past when it has.

Marc with a C said...

Because the concept of taking money from the rich to create jobs that will raise the standard of living, earnings potential, and improve the environment and structural infrastructure of the country is soooo contradictory!

Sometimes, I wonder why we even bothered electrifying the south.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, bc when Herbert Hoover stopped all gov't spending in favor of cutting the budget, etc, it really worked out well for the country, didn't it??

I think that Texas, South Carolina & Georgia should just get on with succeeding from 'murika...

We'll use stimulus money to build fences around all of those states, and then they can just find out what it's like to be on their own. No more socialist marxist evil money for them, including no social security, no medicare, no more federal assistance with roads, highways, fire depts, police forces, no military assistance, no FEMA, no nothin!!!

And they can just save, save, save all of their State tax money and/or : just stop ALL taxes entirely.

Yeah, that's the ticket! No taxes at all... and let's see how well those governors & state legislators do... they might actually have to get a JOB and make their own money.

Great plan!! Go for it!! Hope the door slams hard on your collective @$$es on your way outta heree... Buh-bye!!

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