Fw: Obama on Somali Pirates

"wait a minute now, I didn't authorize ATTACKS on the Pirates, I authorized A TAX on the pirates"


Marc with a C said...

Heh. Except for the fact that under his watch, 3 Somali pirates were killed, which is more than can be said for GWB (whose policy on Somali Piracy seems to have been "let the darkie deal with it").


Anonymous said...

Last Sunday the corporate owned & operated tools on the Sunday "talk" tv shows relentlessly dissed Barry Sotero TELEPROMPTR! muslin loving stooge bc they were cetain that BHO was inadequate and surely just not up to the task of dealing w/this contretemps.

Also bc the illegal birther was, gasp, BORN in Kenya, of course, he would not ever attack his African "brothers," and so on. BHO would needless to say also be like the dreaded and horrid Jimmy Carter and surly eff it up, even if BHO got his act together to do something.

Then when the operation was a complete success, the same liars brayed all Sunday night long about how:

1. BHO didn't TELL THEM/us that he had ordered the operation (as in: yeah, let's tell the screaming looney teeveee pundits, so that our enemies know what's going to happen).

2. And then, of course, it was ONLY the Navy who was successful (I mean kudos to the Seals, don't get me wrong, but BHO is the CiC and he did monitor and manage the situation).

Stoooopid is as stooopid forwards.

But really, BHO will never "win" with these folks. They are committed to hate, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Oh: like when Bush the elder ordered the strike on Mogadishu right before Clinton was inaugurated??!!!

And bc Bush the elder effed it up, resulting in "Black Hawk Down," then suddenly it was about how incompetent Clinton was???

I think I saw this "movie" somewhere before...

Anonymous said...

If all right wing forwards were this short, moderately amusing and devoid of comic font nonsense, then they would be a lot more tolerable.

This one was worth a chuckle and a delete, not the rage and shame that the others seem to cause.

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