Fw: great workout!


Anonymous said...

Attempting to view this undoubted masterpiece messed up my PC. I notice that there was an upside down US flag w/weird flames behind it and the wonderful quotation: "god help us."

So I can only imagine...

anyhoo... just a shout out warning about upcoming RWF's... I am eagerly anticipating a rush of forwards about how ab-fab & perfectly legal & constitutional TORTURE is, and how NOBAMA is now endangering all of us by not allowing it anymore.

And how, as if by magic or something, bc the eeevel al-kiedi now know that we TORTURED people (as if was this was a giant secret & no one knew that the US was torturing prisoners all over the world), the eevel muzlins will have some new insight/knowledge that suddenly makes it "easier" for them to attack us.

How much any of you wanna bet on this prediction??

Anonymous said...

Again doing a public service, I clicked through. Its a you tube video of an exercise routine where you jump up like Nancy Pelosi and applaud during Obama's speechs. Other than a few mildly amusing partisan lines "Burn through calories faster than liberals burn through your tax dollars..." not worth watching.

But, at least it doesn't appear to be horribly offensive like the last one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to 2d post... well, Nancy did look a bit like she was doing her exercise that night... ha ha.

I think she was totally exaltant to NOT have the shrub arrogantly smirking whilst mangling the English language for a change. At last: a sane adult is in charge!!!

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