Fw: Gotta love-- Girl Talk

Subject: Fw: Gotta love-- Girl Talk


"Bill thought he was the President, too.”


Marc with a C said...

Wait, are they saying that Supreme Calif Balack Shaka Zulu Soreto X isn't actually the evil communo-fascist overlord planning on destroying America and taking our guns but is a actually a puppet of his wife?

Well, I guess consistency has never been one of their strong points.

Anonymous said...

To Marc w/a C: good point, but you are also forgetting also (and also) that these folks - no matter how much they loathed, detested & despised Wild Bill - it never matched their excoriation of the dreaded & severely loathed Hils...

Mysoginists & chauvinists to the bitter end, don't forget their favorite adage: keep 'em in their place, barefoot, preggers & in the kitchen.

There is no love lost for the gorgoeous, glorious 'Shelle, either.

These fools no doubt loathe Mrs. O nearly as much (or more) as Mrs. C.... I have seen numerous screeds shrieking about how Michelle was overpaid for her jobs, only got her jobs bc of cronyism & not bc of capability, got into schools solely bc of affirmative action & not bc she was smart, etc. The whole nine yards.

The Obamas have been smart, learned from the drubbing that Hils had to take, and have had 'Shelle take a very low profile. Bibletonians are so het up over the fact that the N****R is in the "Blackhouse" that they haven't had time to vent their bigoted spleen at full force on the First Lady yet.

But don't worry: that day is coming soon, unfortunately... also and also, too.

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