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date:Tue, May 19, 2015 at 4:31 PM
subject:Fwd: Yee-haw


Mr_Creosote said...

Typical redneck asshole with major chip on shoulder. I'll bet said truck owner cuts people off, changes lanes 3 at a time, refuses to use signals and engages in road rage on a grand scale....though I'm surprised that truck is a small/mid-sized Colorado. Usually those gits favor hulking full-sized Rams, Titans,Tundras, F150s and the like that are tailor designed to mimic tractor trailer cabs as an intimidation/dick enlargement tool.

All that's missing are the "Oath Keepers" and local sports decals.

Make sure you save your money for gas to make it out to the next militia stand-off....Or, at the very least, you can shoot another youtube "patriot" video of yourself from inside your cab.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if this doofus knows that his truck was built by a company Obama bailed out?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he (she? Probably not) doesn't have the "I 'Heart' Waterboarding" sticker, too. Saw one of those recently in North Carolina.

CharlieE said...

I'm not sure why he's complaining about Obama taking his money. Unless he earns more than $250,000 per year, he's received multiple tax cuts from this president.

Agent86 said...


Because he heard it on Fox News and PatriotPost/RedState/MrConservative, etc


gruaud said...

Confederates. Because we need more stupid.

ferschitz said...

Like Trump is just going to be so much better for this white supremacist. Oh yeah, Trump'll make the KKK be revered instead of reviled. Got it. But as for jobs and taxes??? Not gonna happen, dope, no matter what billionaire Trump lies to you about.

Mike Hawk said...


You liberal Weenies will never understand how important Israel is to the U.S. nor that Israel is the US’s best ally in the Middle East, nor how important Israel is for the Jewish people. But that is OK. Did you know that Netanyahu was reelected thanks to Obama's turning his back on him? The Israelis admit to it.

Now, Israel is the only country that stands for and protects the Jews in the world. So I find it offensive when you all criticize its leader, and call him a murderer. I find if offensive that you all support a country like Iran, whose ignorant leader denies the holocaust.

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

What is the sound of one hand fapping?

Anonymous said...

Mike, no one is interested in anything you have to say because you lie ALL THE TIME.





Randall said...

So some jackass figured out how to work a bumper sticker and apparently that is worthy of a RWD forward, then Mike shows up rambling about Israel and Netanyahu, desperate for attention. Can this get any dumber? (No I know it can get dumber, its a rhetorical question, you don't need to answer.)

Hooray4US said...

KKK and Oaf Keepers or GTFO. You're posse is slipping, RWD.

Anonymous said...

American Nazi Party is WELL PLEASED.

Agent86 said...


How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you start out with "You Liberal weenies...". Seriously.

So Israel is our best ally in the ME (I'm sure Turkey appreciates that sentiment) and the ARABs are bad is that right? If so then why are we - especially Republicans - buddy buddy with the Saudis? C'mon...you know. Didn't GWB kiss the King Abdullah on the mouth? Is it wrong or a necessary evil to protect our interest? Seriously man, do you ever THINK or do you just repeat the Fox News talking points? Both sides of the UniParty are guilty as shit so don't act like the Republican shit doesn't stink. It's disingenuous and makes you look more a fool.

By the way, Israel isn't the only country protecting the Jews...the US doesn't seem to do so bad on that front considering all the shit they own here. Let alone all the money we send them out of YOUR tax dollars. Does that make them some of the "takers"?

And support Iran? Who has said that? There's a difference between support and at least making an attempt at taking pragmatic steps to curb the potential of nuclear proliferation there. Is it the best deal? No but it's a sight better than ignoring the issue. By the way, you do remember Reagan basically supporting Iran with weapons don't you? Selective amnesia or is there something else about this President that makes it different...just can't put my finger on it? At the end of the day, Reagan ended up trading weapons for hostages. I know they denied it but c'mon man...you really can't believe that...or can you? It's not the first time we've propped up some ME jackoff to have it blow up in our face. Saddam Hussein ring a bell?


CharlieE said...

@Max and Anonymous

Don't feed the troll. It only encourages him.

Anonymous said...

Yee HAW! Let's celebrate the stoopit in bumper stickers!!11!!

M. Ray Crabbinson said...

Republicans then: He's not my president! No moosleem will ever be muh president!
Republicans now: If you live in America, he's your president! You have to do whatever he says!

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