date:Tue, Sep 15, 2015 at 1:14 AM
subject:FW: H-I-L-L-A-R-Y


Pikaman said...

Anyone find the joke yet? I suppose it's the gesture that hasn't been relevant since the 80s? 1880s?

Pikaman said...
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CharlieE said...

Colin Powell did something. No one made any comment about it.
Condoleezza Rice did the same thing. No one made any comment about it.
Hillary Clinton did the same things. It's the worst scandal ever!

gruaud said...

It's a different playing field for Hillary. Ever since that comment she made about staying home and baking cookies, you could hear the knives being sharpened.

ferschitz said...

Well I mostly agree with this one, but then again, this is the case of: they all do it, so wake up and smell the coffee.

That said, it's still unclear to me how much of a thing this email server is, anyway. If it wasn't the email server, it would be something else. Agree that the long knives have been out for HRC since Day One.

Here's my prediction, however. Now that Lord Donald has shafted JEB! good 'n proper, the PTB are literally sh*tting themselves, since the Donald's not on their leash. I can take some smug satisfaction in witnessing that, despite loathing fascist racist sexist Trump.

That said, the Clintons are BFFs with the Bush Crime Syndicate. I predict that the PTB will ensure that Clinton ascends the throne. She's THEIR candidate now. What's not to love? HRC is the Wall St, MIC, Prison Industrial Complex, BigPharma candidate. A NeoCon/NeoLiberal War Hawk. I've said all along that Hillary is really the candidate that the rightwingnuts should be panting for, but because of the games played by the PTB, she's been demonized.

I've said often that I don't want to see HRC in the White House, but now that JEB!'s been sent home for his dressing down by Bar (I *almost* feel sorry for him facing that gorgon), HRC's in like Flynn.

So yeah, now the troll will swing by to say I'm a "liberal weenie" who loves Clinton and that makes me teh stoopit. And that, my friends, will be the sound of rightwingnut troll one hand fapping.

Agent86 said...

Yeah the troll needs some rehab....



Thx 4 Fish said...

I really don't understand where the scandal is on this one. Not following protocol? OK, but calling it a scandal is overblown.

However, I think I know why MRWD thinks this is a huuuuge deal:
In a recent conversation with my RWD, he indicated that he believes that if I were to log into his webmail account from my home then I would gain access to everything on his computer hard drive. I can't say for sure, but he may have gotten this idea from Fox News' ridiculous coverage of Clinton's email story. But basically MRWD, in his rejection of everything science and technology, doesn't know shit about computers and is, as usual, easily led to fear such things.

Hooray4US said...

Not a big fan of Clinton, and she certainly feels entitled to this job. And she and her proxy, Debbie Wasserman-Sucks, certainly are condescending as hell to voters. But that's not what this is about.

Agree with Thx 4 Fish. It's highly likely that Fox has overblown the alleged danger (or whatever) of this email server issue and is implying that deep dark secrets got revealed that make us all less safe.

After all, FEAR is the primary motive of the rightwing to get their rubes, er, marks, er, proles to vote for the GOP.

Hillary has been accused of just about everything in the book, including murder. So now it's an email server. Whatever.

Mr_Creosote said...

My opinion mostly echoes the ones given so far.

The RW apparatus barks up the wrong tree as usual; focusing on stupid shit like emails and "BENGHAZI!!!!".

My issue with her is her absolute fealty to corporate interests. This is the big wedge issue conservatives of both parties hang their heads and stammer awkwardly about. DLC/Third-Way policies are lock-step with republican ones when it comes to economics To that end, their complaints about republicans are counterfeit...made for show. Of course, the GOP is more brazen in their contempt for the working class, but they try to sell it to the working class by pushing stupid social issues..."God & Guns, and USA! USA!" and other stupid bullshit. The corporate democratic candidates are, for their part, downplaying their own contempt for the working class by trying to appeal to the Brie and Volvo rich social liberals.

Of course the RW would rather sink in a corporate state than swim in a truly populistic one: That would be "SOSHULISM". Perish the thought!

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