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What a great email, thanks, Scott

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What a great way to use a talent to evangelize without talking!

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Jesus on the Beach - This is Awesome!]
There are 3 pictures and then a message. Be sure to page down all the way.
Jesus on the Beach

Pictures below are from a beach in Maryland. Isn't the artwork awesome? Be sure to open up your screen all the way. The man creates new ones each day, as the ocean washes away his work every day.
This is Chuck Ritchey, Sr. I have watched this man work on the beach at Ocean City, MD. Each time I watch him I marvel at his talent and fortitude because it is true that his works get washed away with the tide and he does them again. He is certainly a witness for Jesus Christ as thousands of people, in the course of a day, view his work and watch as he crafts his treasures. May his message be viewed by many. 


gruaud said...

Wow, he's really talented.

Pikaman said...

I loves me some sand art. Sometimes MRWD can strike something resembling gold. Then he'll send me racist political cartoons after lunch.

CharlieE said...

The tide washes them away? This artwork looks to be at least 100 yards from the water.

While the artist appears to be talented, it seems his time might be put to better use doing something else.

ferschitz said...

Very talented and beautiful sand art. Too bad the "All Are Welcome" message isn't followed by RWD at all.

Anonymous said...

I recognize the guy in the first picture. He is the acid dealer from my college dorm in the 70s.

Agent86 said...


That was my first thought also. Definitely a talented gent. Nice find RWD. Now just waiting for the other shoe to drop in my inbox.


Hooray4US said...

The irony is that RWD no longer follows the teachings of hippie Jeebus. Old Testament or GTFU!

Nice art but no longer relevant to conservatives, other than to send around sentimental claptrap that is meaningless in terms of how they lead their daily lives.

Hooray4US said...

To Son of Storm - hey, I knew that guy, too!! Definitely a good likeness.

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