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gruaud said...

We analyzed this one back in September and then the troll felt compelled to jump in and prove our points.

CharlieE said...

I'm thinking about starting a similar site to this one, called My Left Wing Dad.

What's holding me back is that I'm not sure how I'm going to monetize a blank page.

This sort of lunacy is the sole property of the Right.

ferschitz said...

The comments made me chuckle.

I still don't get why they have Elizabeth Warren labeled as "Indian," and what that's supposed to mean. Of course, we've all said over and over that Caitlyn Jenner is a Republican, but let's not inconvenient truths stand in the way of bigoted racist rightwingers wanking to their favorite fairy tales.

The last go-round, I published a number of links showing various members of the Bush Crime Syndicate bowing to their partners in crime in Saudi Arabia. There's one of W kissing Prince Saud on the lips that springs readily to mind (ugh). Another inconvenient truth that the morans wish to ignore.

Guess this was a slow nooz day OR the R-Team is so shattered by all the inconvenient truths bellowed at them by the Donald that they took a day off and recycled this stupidity.

CharlieE said...


Elizabeth Warren has claimed to have Native American ancestry.


This must conclusively prove...something.

gruaud said...

Well, heck, so do I. What's the big deal?

I love that Dave tagged this as "India".

CharlieE said...


Why wouldn't he? That's where the Indians are.

ferschitz said...

I was always amused by how the comic, Carlos Mencia, would say: "Is it Indians with a dot or Indians with a feather?"

I see Warren is an Indian with a feather, but my confusion arose bc of the metadata about Indians with a dot!

Why part of Warren's ethnic background is highlighted in this RWF is anyone's guess, but I'm thinking that RWD enjoys looking down on Indians with a feather. hurr hurr... duh.

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