date:Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 4:52 PM


Anonymous said...

But the Citizens United decision is somehow ok.

ferschitz said...

I'm inclined to agree, but it's not like HRC is the only one who's gotten big buck$ from corporate backers and the 1%. Most of the R pols running the KKKlown KKKar all shashayed over to Los Vegas to genuflect to Shelly Adelson. That's one of the Donald's main rallying cries: that he's not beholden to any of the others in the 1% (not endorsing Trump, just saying).

And, frankly, what the hell has the R-led House & Senate DONE about anything that happened with the crash? What? I'll tell you: ZIP, ZILCH, NADA, a big fat nothingburger.

So, at best, hypocritical & disingenuous.

And that's not even getting into the fact that Adam Zyglis would most likely be depicting Bernie Sanders very negatively as some sort of big old COMMIE!!!111!!! Yet Sanders, along with Trump, is pointing out how Wall ST and the corporations are messing things up, and Sanders hasn't taken big old speaking fees from Wall ST, nor has he sucked up to the 1%.

As said: hypocritical and disingenuous.

IOW, yet another day of the week ending in "y."

Thx 4 Fish said...

If speaking fees were the only corporate money being used to influence politicians we might actually have a representative government.

Does RWD hate Wall Street all the time, or just when it donates to Hillary?

Agent86 said...

No they love Wall Street. Love it long time. That's the free market and capitalism, the job creators.. and... and.... and...now they need a towel.

Yet somehow they hate them here...go figure. I think it must be okay to load your pockets with Wall Street/Big Bank money if your a Republican but a Liberal or Commie... oh hell no. I bet they're just giddy when their Big Corp cronies can feed from the gubment teat at 0% interest...but they're not "the Takers". The hypocrisy is just stunning.

These RWDs can't make up their mind on many fronts. Obama is a bumbling idiot, or a master manipulator and evil overlord...they can't decide which. Personally I think he's a bit of both but meh. He can't however hold a candle in the stupidity department to the bunch of buffoons the GOP is putting at the podiums for 2016. Then we have Hillary and Bernie which is another subject altogether. Is this really the best we can do?


Hooray4US said...

It's the R-team cognitive dissonance thing writ large, but nothing new here.

The 1% Overlords have no problem with any politician being on their payola. Doesn't matter if they wear a D or R jacket. Step right up; take our money; and then scratch our backs with legislation and regulations that WE write to enrich ourselves and staff "Regulatory" (ha ha ha) agencies with OUR shills who'll make sure they turn a blind eye to how many rules & regs we break, etc.

Political hacks like Zyglis are just paid to do this "work." Paint HRC as "bad" in this case, knowing full well that the R-Team gets similar pay offs and more.

Just today's rightwing propaganda red meat tossed to the rightwing base who have proven endlessly that facts mean nothing to them, as long as their tribalistic authoritarian needs are met. Facts? Whatever. Feed me more fairy tales, oh Master, while I vote against my own interests over and over and over...

Yes, Democratic voters can also exhibit similar tribalistic authoritarianism. D voters can also be blind to certain facts about "their" politicians. However, the rightwing media, which is all of it, is much more pervasive with rightwing lying propaganda very much influencing their serfs in a stronger and more pervasive way.

CharlieE said...

I thought Republicans liked the free market.

Anonymous said...

Republicans don't know what they like until some rightwing think tank or Fox shows them a picture.

gruaud said...

@ hooray4us:

I really don't get the authoritarian vibe for lefties like I do with the RW. My biggest issue with certain leftists is that they play the purity game. As in, you're not a real liberal if you support so-and-so. I first encountered it at university and I see it frequently on lefty blogs. Drives me up the wall, but it's small potatoes compared to the Authoritarian Specter as described by Altemeyer.

Hooray4US said...

Vis the authoritarian vibe re "lefties." I have quite a few D-voter friends, who, imo, are pretty tribalistic. By that I mean, they're pretty much reflexive D voters, and I find it just about as difficult to discuss concerns and issues with them about D politicians, as I do with any rightwing voter.

For example, I have several Obot friends, who absolutely will brook not the slightest of constructive criticisms about Obama. Obama is utterly perfect, he walks on water, and every single thing he does is to be venerated and praised to the skies. One friend, in particular, projects a ton of stuff onto Obama - everything about him is super amazing and praiseworthy - which I don't see how these feelings, etc, can be attributed to Obama. He's human. He has faults, at least like everyone else.

Such people tend to be a tad less tribalistic about D politicians in general. Where the authoritarianism and super partisanship comes into play is typically with the Pres races. We certainly see it with Clinton supporters, as well as Sanders supporters.

Yes, I'm treading somewhat into dreaded "both siderisms" territory, as I agree that, mostly, it's small potatoes in comparison to how brainwashed rightwingers are. But I certainly do witness tribalism on the left, and mostly those people are very very poorly informed but believe, somehow, that their knowledge and insights are superior.

Just something I've encountered, and not just with one or two people. And one sees it on blogs as well. And just as with rightwingers, presenting them with facts results in insults or denial or really stupid excuses. JHMO, of course.

gruaud said...

I do see some of that tribalism at DKos, a site I've avoided for years. Preachy, with a thick layer of goodbye-cruel-world hysteria thrown in. Way too high-maintenance.

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