FW: This news report will make your day!

Date: Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 12:14 PM
Subject: FW: This news report will make your day!

You won’t believe the last comment by this woman...


 This is why the USA is in the present shape it'sin. 
Thisis what happens when stupid multiplies........................ 
Thisvideo will take only a minute to watch but you'll think about it allday. 
Thiswas a feature story on NEWS CHANNEL 8, WFLA, Tampa, FL! 
Thequote "someone has to be held accountable for my 15 children” says itall. 
http://www.youtube.com/embed/RBqjZ0KZCa0?showinfo=0&rel=0&hd= 0 


gruaud said...

Conservative wet dream:

Find any example of an person from an 'outsider' group saying something dumb or selfish, and, like magic, their bigotry is justified. I can only imagine Bill O'Reilly's reaction.

CharlieE said...

Poor? 15 children? That's outrageous. Of course, we could minimize this sort of thing by offering birth control and comprehensive sex education to everyone, just like most of the civilized world does...

...but Republicans oppose that.

ferschitz said...

Of course, let us pretend that situations like this don't happen due to grinding poverty, piss-poor education (esp amongst poor minority communities), lack of options, grinding racism, etc.

Yes, the lady is responsible for her choices, and it's rather shocking how she's chosen to conduct her life.

Too bad she wasn't backed by a tv show that could've paid for her 15 kids and presented her as part of the Quiverfull Movement. Ooops, Quiverfull don't wanna know about this lady bc Blah. Only whities need apply for that brand of church-based welfare.

Usual disclaimer that welfare constitutes a very very tiny percentage of the overall US budget. Of course, rightwingers are dutifully brainwashed to continuously demand welfare for the Military Industrial Complex, where we are fleeced and robbed by arrogant no-bid govt contracts and where our dollar$ are routinely siphoned off into the pockets of the very wealthy.

But that's different bc white.

I'd rather see my tax dollars paying for this lady and her kids than the Pentagon/CIA running around cold stone killing innocents around the world.

Agent86 said...

Smells like someone is guilty of broad brushing all welfare recipients based on this lady...never you mind that a lot of people on welfare are veterans. Bring that up and their head explodes. Smells a lot like their all time favorite "All Mooslins are like ISIS because....BENGHAZI!!!!" But don't anyone dare insinuate all gun owners are whackjobs because one guy shoots up a place...no no. They're not but hypocrisy IOKIYAR.


Pikaman said...

My poor Dutch grandmother was one of fifteen children. There were no racist and eugenicist dog whistles, no calls for forced sterilization, no jeers from idiots claiming that she was a burden on the government.

I knew a blond guy back in high school, was one of 17 children. There were no racist and eugenicist dog whistles, no calls for forced sterilization, no jeers from idiots claiming that he was a burden on the government.

What a difference race makes.

Hooray4US said...

A lot of white Mormon fundamentalist sects are well-known to rely on welfare to support large combined families of numerous wives (for one husband) and plenty of kids. The "extra" wives all go on welfare for as much as possible, while the one husband/father, continues accumulating wives and having more babies.

Here and there, you'll see some complaints about this, but not the continuous bashing that minorities get for less egregious use of welfare.

Oh, but I forgot: Mormons usually = white. So, it's ok for them, just not for those others.

I'll just wait for someone to show up to bash me for being mean to Mormons or shout at me that this isn't true. Fine with me. But it happens more than most Mormons care to admit, even if it is the outlier Mormon sects that do it more frequently.

Randall said...

@Hooray4US, it is not the FLDS that only does that, the Mormon Church will actually tell its members to "be fruitful and multiply, don't worry about the costs that is what the Church is for".

I live in Utah, my wife works social services for early intervention childhood development. She has several (paler) families that she works with that are like the one in this video. They are receiving some assistance from the LDS Church but of course it does not cover everything and the taxpayer floats the rest of the bill.

Where is the public outrage on that? Where are the calls for responsible birth control, sex education, and living within your means, that I am fond of hearing from the Republican talking heads? Oh wait I guess that just applies to the "dark-skinned"
Lamanites that live somewhere else.

Lamanites, heh, you can't make that shit up. The first time I heard about it I thought the person telling me was yanking my chain, I thought to myself nobody could believe shit that far fetched...

Hooray4US said...

Randall: Some time ago I said the same thing about the non-FLDS church members getting welfare for having lots of kids, and someone (not usual commenters) ripped me a new one for saying that claiming that the Mormon Church members (non-FDLS) simply don't do that. They pay for their kids and don't take welfare.

So I tip-toed a bit this time. I haven't lived in Utah, but I have friends who do. They've told me similar stories. They can't all be made up.

I have seen some commentaries and news articles tsk-tsking about the FLDS'ers and how they abuse welfare. But then: crickets. Is anything ever done about it? Don't think so, other than imprisonment (at last) of the odious pedophile Warren Jeffs. Bet a lot of his former tribe still abuse welfare, but I confess I don't have concrete info.

RWD only forwards complaints about the Blahs who allegedly abuse welfare:

"This is why the USA is in the present shape it'sin.
This is what happens when stupid multiplies"

Read: stupid = n****rs. And it's because of the Blahs (only) that the USA is "in the present shape it'sin."

And as others have said: let's just ignore corporate welfare, the predatory 1%, the rips offs of the MIC no-bid contracts because la la la N-word, N-word, N-word!!!111!!!

Mike Hawk said...


Unfortunately, this is the pervasive "environment" in which NIGGAS grow up with in this country. The majority of Black families do not place an emphasis on bettering themselves through education and wanting to break the cycle of dependence on government assistance. They have been trained to accept that fact that just because of the color of their skin that the deck is stacked against them. It's a sad state of affairs...being that we are now in the year 2016.

Meanwhile, the other "minorities" may have similar growing up environments, as noted by many of you pundits on here, but they DO make an effort to better themselves through EDUCATION, and are also known for their DISCIPLINE....ie, Asians, Mormons....etc, etc, etc.

The other "minorities" have a totally different mindset, if you will.

So, again, you LIBERAL WEENIES are sooooo full of shit....trying to defend these lazy ghetto assholes who are an extreme drag on our society as a whole.

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

No you're full of shit (as you know and do so deliberately) for saying it's just blacks who a problem, who don't have the right mindset, who have no discipline, etc. Then praise the Mormons after examples are provided of their known and continuing welfare abuse.

Tedious but talking smack just to get a rise. Derp!

Anonymous said...

Good grief, Madonna is less of an attention whore than the troll is.

CharlieE said...

I wonder whatever happened to Mike Hawk. He used to post such deep, interesting, and insightful comments, while never offering an unkind word about anyone. He seems to have disappeared.

Agent86 said...

What about all of the white people on welfare making the same damned comments as this lady? Pick a trailer park. Or those that claim disability yet perform jobs on the side that belie their claim? Not saying that everyone who lives/has lived in a trailer park or claim disability are welfare peeps but a TON of them are. I have known a few in the past...all of them were white and proud that they were gaming the system. And by the way, I didn't see ANYONE defending "lazy ghetto assholes" which pretty much gives us a baseline on Mikey. They did however call out the obvious racism, bigotry and hypocrisy pervasive in RWD forwards. I'm sure not all RWDs hold this view but the ones who forward shit like this obviously do. Mike on the other hand defends the racism, bigotry and hypocrisy so that speaks volumes.


Anonymous said...

Many of those Malheur Refuge protesters were on some kind of gubmint dole or another, and yet they wanted what they perceive to be the illegitimate US gubmint to give them land for free! In a state where they don't even live! Land that actually belongs to the original people living here. Some of them appeared not to have jobs.

OH, whoops! WHITE gun nuts. It's all good. Give the lazy freeloaders and land despoilers everything they want, including pallets of dildoes and snacks. They are white, so they have discipline and family values, even when they're basically enslaving foster kids to work on their ranches... and then leaving their 11 legit kids and all the foster kids to fend for themselves whilst suiciding by cop. Yeah, great family values. Really hard working. Gotta be a model for something or other.

Anonymous said...

Face it idiots, the only people who support Obama are self hating Whites, colored racist folk, Muslim terrorists and criminals.

Randall said...

Besides the racism the irony to it all it that of the all economic problems we have been experiencing since 2008, none of them have been caused by people on welfare, nor single moms, nor women getting affordable healthcare. However the conservatives busily forwarding these e-mails while watching Fox news, masturbating to Donald Trump yelling, don't seem to have a grasp on basic economics, or how the federal budget works.

ferschitz said...

People love nothing more than to whine about welfare cheats, and yes, they definitely exist.

But as I stated, above, the entirety of the welfare system is a drop in the bucket compared to all the tax "incentives" offered to big businesses, none of whom have the slightest intention of creating jobs for US citizens if the C Suite types can wring a few pennies more for themselves by offshoring jobs to some third world country.

The amazing transfer of wealth to the 1% has been accomplished through the slight of hand called trickle down or supply side economics which has been endlessly proven as a false narrative.

The wealthy have never had it so good tax-wise. Most of the .0001% pay almost no taxes whatsoever. Yet they're the ones offshoring good USA jobs. But we're endlessly lectured - including by Trump - about how we simply must lower the taxes on the 1% again... or else!

But let's *distract* the rubes by whiiiing endlessly about welfare cheats, especially the dusky hued, et voila!! Many US citizens are satisfied that this HUGE problem has been identified.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

I hear the welfare cheat refrain from across the voting spectrum. D or R team, it's all the same. Let's point and blame welfare cheats and whiiiiiiiiine about it.

It's gotten us nowhere fast in 30 years, while we've all been robbed stupid by the 1%. But hey: clearly US citizens love love love to blame all their ills on welfare cheats. Bah da boom, ba dah bing.

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