date:Sat, Feb 20, 2016 at 1:23 AM

New politically correct term for "illegal immigrants" = UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS!!!!! 


gruaud said...

And legal immigrants are documented democrats.

The nation's demographics are tilting away from the WASPs.

And it's about fucking time.

ferschitz said...

The irony in this one being that it's mainly rightwing GOP businesses and large corporations that recruit, "import," hire and train undocumented people to work for pennies on the dollar in their businesses. Particularly notaries in the meat processing and poultry industries, as well as hospitality and construction.

Of course, when ICE comes a-knocking, it's the undocumented workers who are busted and sent back to their "home" land. The business owners keep the forfeited last pay check (no surprises there) and suffer not even a tap on the wrist for hiring known undocumented workers.

Donald Trump is well known to have many undocumented workers employed in his bankrupt casino empire and hotels.

The FACTULLY correct term should be undocumented REPUBLICANs frankly.

Randall said...

My world view has been shaped by Leave it to Beaver. I don't understand why the real world doesn't correlate with the one in my head.

Mr_Creosote said...

Randall: Good observation.

Then again, at least Ward and June Cleaver, despite being archetypical WASPS displayed an open mindedness toward different ethnicities and income class.

I suspect what those who pine for the faux idyllic LTB existence really want is Ward cleaver replaced by Archie Bunker.

CharlieE said...

Why refer to illegals as "undocumented Democrats"? Illegals can't vote.

Thx 4 Fish said...

RWD likes to pretend that masses of the undocumented are risking their precarious situations by voting in every election. Of course, people don't enter this country illegally to vote but to get jobs and make money. Something RWD ought to admire greatly. But RWD is too busy being furiously envious of the $127 per month in food stamps that he imagines undocumented folks receive--except they don't of course.

Andrew Pang said...

I have another one that actually makes you think. Illegal employers.

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