Fw: New Campaign Poster

date:30 January 2016 at 19:49
subject:Fw: New Campaign Poster

New Campaign Poster


CharlieE said...

Hillary's positions make her what would have been described a couple of decades ago as a moderate Republican.

She'd appeal to a pretty broad spectrum of the population, though I'm not a fan.

Of course, this RWF was almost certainly assembled by a hard core Right Wing fundamentalist loon, so one must take that into consideration.

ferschitz said...

So... vote for Bernie Sanders!

Randall said...

@ Ferschitz you shouldn't vote for Bernie because he cannot win. Unless people vote for him, which they shouldn't.

gruaud said...

Bernie would be an awesome prexy.

Hooray4US said...

LOL. I love Tom Tomorrow. Yeah, Bernie Sanders is just awful and terrible and all of his supporters are whiners who should not be enfranchised and Hillary will bring us all sparkle ponies who sh*t rainbows, so STFU because Sanders can never win, it'll be your fault if we end up with Trump as president, it'll be just like McGovern, you DFHs, shut up, Shut Up, SHUT UP!!!111!!!

Mike Hawk said...

Bernie "Get Off My Lawn" Jew Boy Sanders is gonna win in New Hampshire by a wide margin, but then after that, it'll all be DOWNHILL for that crusty, old, cantankerous Jew Boy when they hit the primary States that have a lot of minorities (Blacks and Hispanics) and evangelicals. Iowa and New Hampshire are so WASPY that it's not even funny....lmao.

I think Ol' Bernie would do well to get his teeth fixed, as whenever he talks, all one can see are his bottom teeth when he YELLS stupidities (like a Bulldog).

Bernie should invest in a top-rate rocking chair and head to the nearest retirement home where the old, liberal, Jews sit around all day and play poker and lament about all their misfortunes in life.

BTW - Bernie's wife sure is a good-looker....he hit the jackpot with that trophy wife of his. lol

Mike Hawk

Anonymous said...

You really should look in the mirror, troll. Before it shatters, I mean.

Thx 4 Fish said...

Mr. Hawk thinks he's incredibly annoying, apparently. But my own RWD is about 10X more obnoxious and much saltier than Mr. Hawk. In fact I'd say my RW-Mom is more hardcore than he. But thanks for trying, dude. It gives me a hope for humanity to think there are RWDs and RWMs out there who are less hate-filled than my own.

Agent86 said...

I'm just wondering what Mike Tiny Schmekel has against Jews? I thought they were the love interest of the Wingnuts.

So much cognitive dissonance with these RWDs it's hard to keep up.


gruaud said...

There seems to be an air of desperation with our troll these days.

It was never very clever, now it's just repetitive and shrill.

CharlieE said...

My only complaint about Bernie is his age. We had one 70+ year old president a few years ago and it didn't turn out well. I'd be hesitant to vote for someone that age.

..and yet, with Trump and Hillary in the mix, we've got a whole slate of geezers this time around.

Remember how Reagan promised he'd step down at the first sign of senility?

gruaud said...

I wonder who Bernie would pick as his running mate?

Elizabeth Warren looks like a good bet and she could take up the mantle in 2020. I just can't see Bernie enduring two terms.

ferschitz said...

Some say that keeping Warren in the Senate might be better for all concerned. Not that she wouldn't make a good Veep, but that she might be more effective for all concerned by remaining - at least for now - in the Senate. I'm inclined to agree.

Vis the annoyances here, my recommendation is to not feed. Falls under: teh stupit, it burnz. Ignore and carry on.

Yeah, it would be better if we had younger lions running in the D party, and my constant complaint about the DNC is consistently ineffective and worthless they are, especially at grooming up and coming pols. Simply worthless. So we're stuck for now with A Olds, but I do know many people who've been quite with it and vigorous in their 70s. It's the 80s that generally presents the bigger issues, Reagan's Alzheimer's notwithstanding.


gruaud said...

The DNC is one of the worst things to ever happen to the Democratic party.

Mike Hawk said...

@Thx 4 Fish: I'd love to meet your parents, as they seem to have a lot more common sense than you do.

@Agent86 (aka - Max): Dang Max, I'm actually very surprised that Manatee Thighs Shrillary has yet to make a "move" on Bernie "Get Off My Lawn" Jew Boy Sanders.

She's the only one in the Clinton Clan of Rednecks, that has not
had "sex" (depends on what "it" is) with a Jew.

I mean, that Bernie is one good-looking crusty old cranky and cantankerous Jew Boy...problem is, he doesn't have enough MONEY
for Shrillary to be remotely interested in him....ha ha ha

Again, the Clintons are a FUCKED UP family.

Mike Hawk

P.S. - Bernie/Maduro 2016

CharlieE said...

@Mike Hawk

With your unnatural obsession with the Clintons, how are you able to function from day to day?

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