Words fail................     

Arizona bleeds
To remind us that Arizona law is still being obstructed by the idiots in WA DC
How far would I get if I carried a sign with wording like this.
This photo is real.  Why isn't this person with the sign "we will shoot more police" not being arrested?.
 If you can look at this picture, read the sign and NOT pass this on . . . SHAME ON YOU!
 Take a good look at the sign he is holding!
 Ok all you  ' fighters for illegal immigrants' rights. Here is one of the  reasons we  have a problem with it. As the ones that have to pay for  the welfare of these immigrants, depriving the natural citizens . One of the several reasons the U . S . A . is falling apart.
          "Getter Done Arizona " ! 


Anonymous said...

This post has been addressed by Snoops http://www.snopes.com/photos/politics/azprotest.asp
The person who sent it to Snoops claimed to know the photographer personally and said the picture was taken in Phoenix. Snoops pretty much proves it was taken in Los Angelus. If the person who sent it in lied about it’s origin I would find it hard to believe any part of it. It’s most likely photo shopped.

AP said...

Oh please, could this guy be a more obvious plant?

Also, does anyone else see the irony of such atrocious English in a forward about immigrants?

Anonymous said...

Such an obvious plant reminds me of a Tea Partier's attempt to get Tea Party plants to sign up as organizers for SEIU rallies last week so they could then run up to any cameras and spout off, "Screw the taxpayer!" or whatever else conservatives think unions believe.

Anonymous said...

Its both ironic and sad that there are real reasons that "Arizona Bleeds".

The horrible shooting in Tuscon, fueled by hateful rhetoric and made horribly worse by the NRAs efforts to make sure that anyone has access to guns, ammo, and 30 round clips regardless.

Besides that, there was the terrible murder of 9 year old Brisenia Flores and her father Raul, innocent American citizens who were gunned down in cold blood by far right wing extremists with delusions of playing vigilante.

Never mind the fact that the states medicaid cuts have now put almost 100 people in medical limbo as they wait for life saving transplants that will never come.

So yes, Arizona does bleed. It bleeds in horrible ways, which are ignored and dishonored by those who would photoshop this trash and pass it around as fact.

gruaud said...


As has been shown over and over: they have to deceive; the truth would take all the air out of their tires.

ferschitz said...

The header to this POS LYING RWF:

"Words fail..."

Yeah, no sh*t. Words fail *me* at how much you POS rightwingers can lie, lie, lie, lie, lie and lie again in order to *fool* your base into being pit against innoncent people, who've done nothing wrong.

Note what I said in the previous commentary on the nasty rascist poster dissing Afr. Americans: the Southern Strategy is being employed here to pit credulous whites against Mex. Americans.

That sign is *obviously photoshopped* and is one of the bigger loads of bullsh*t that I've seen here to date (which is saying a lot).

Wake up! You rightwingers are being played like a fiddle by the upper 2% elites. This is about Class Warfare: the upper 2% elites v. the rest of us serfs. Get a clue.

These Mex Americans are NOT your enemy, but the rightwing thinktank who created it IS your enemy. Wake up.

Hooray4US said...

This is clearly photoshopped. No Mex Americans run around signs like that. All that sign represents is what the rightwing thinktanks and media have carefully taught conservatives to *believe* about Mex Americans... without a shred of *real* evidence or examples of attitudes like this happening.

My experience of Latin Americans here in this country has been of some of the hardest working people, often living in very very poverty-stricken circumstances, but willing to work their butts off for low pay.

This really is a giant sucking lie and beyond contemptible. Words don't "fail" me: this is a lie and anyone who wishes to indulge themselves in "believing" it is beyond stupid and racist jerk, who's willing to be led around the balls by rich elites who are the ones actually screwing you.

katz said...

I assumed the sign was a joke...

But yeah, my response would be a minuteman with a sign that says "We will shoot more 9-year-old girls until you get rid of all the immigrants!"

MrCreosote said...

Very astute comments so far. Even the most stubborn of 'bagger ideologues would be feeling the cognitive dissonance caused by the knowledge that this is a BS photo.

In any case, would someone be so bold/desperate and foolish to wield a sign like that in this world of deranged teabaggers? He'd never make it out alive.

I call Beee-esss.

gruaud said...

@ MrCreosote

Oh, the smart ones know it's all bullshit; they are out to screw the rest of us and the end justifies ANY means. That's why this site, in addition to objective news reports, is so horribly fascinating.

The easily-led sheep 'may' feel cognitive dissonance, but they always manage to sweep it under the rug. I was debating a Young Republican in college many years ago and he literally ran from the room with his fingers in his ears. Ideology always trumps facts or logic and their reactionary tribe always trumps the United States. They are literally against the rest of us, even (especially!) if that means Democracy is terminated.

Evil and Stupid, what a pair.

Very difficult to defeat and impossible to eradicate.

Just like Herpes or toenail fungus.

ontologicalcomedian said...

I did some analysis of this piece, as I do with a lot of these "Right Wing Forwards". Note it is almost a year old, going back to 5/1/10, and has shown up in several variants, including 2 distinct ones each claiming personal knowledge that the picture was taken on 5/1 in Phoenix (yeah, with the LA Times complex in the background - see snopes).

See comments at http://therealtruthproject.blogspot.com/2011/03/we-will-shoot-more-police-in-arizona.html .

Also try entering "right wing forward" into the search box to see many more examples.

In my opinion, we need to do several things about this crap:

1] Establish that it really does make a difference to the political climate. This would call for monitoring when a new RWF comes out, and frequent brief polls to get a handle on what percentage of people recently came to believe whatever preposterous lie was being peddled.
2] Separate the professionally generated propaganda from the silly stuff (look at my cute bumper sticker!

but, I've tried to say much more about this in the past:


Hal Morris

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