Fw: There's 192 Countries That Exist In The World & We Give F

This hits the nail right on the head, and I could not agree more. This the kind of thinking our elected leaders need to embrace in our country. Then also start taking care of billions of dollars of misdirected money here that are passed out to the couch potatoes who are to lazy to work...



katz said...

It's almost like we're one of the richest nations in the world or something.

Anonymous said...

The [url=http://www.state.gov/f/budget/index.htm]FY2012 budget request[/url] for foreign assistance is $47 billion (plus another $8.7 billion for all the contractors we're sending to Iraq/Afghanistan/Pakistan).

Meanwhile, corporate greed and government sloth made [url=http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=188799337820214]$11 trillion[/url] vanish from the economy a few years ago.

Just imagine if we could fix our own medical, financial, regulatory, or academic problems that cheaply.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, those URLs should be the budget and the economy.

Anonymous said...

Setting aside the facts that 1) Foreign aid is basically a rounding error in the budget and 2) a good chunk of "foreign aid" comes in the form of military hardware and assistance: aren't we supposedly a "Christian nation"? Aren't wignuts always insisting that we are a "Christian nation", God's chosen country, the hope of mankind, the greatest country that God (the Christian God, mind you) ever set upon the earth, etc etc

If they believe all this is true, then I agree that they should be upset about these foreign aid numbers. If this is true, then foreign aid is far too low, far too politicized, and far too militarized.

Bebe 99 said...

I believe the multinational corporations would love to see the foreign aid / foreign influence of the US stop completely so that they, the multinationals, can take over this arena and begin influencing other countries directly on their own behalf.

ferschitz said...

"Then also start taking care of billions of dollars of misdirected money here that are passed out to the couch potatoes who are to lazy to work..."

I guess this refers to all the tax cuts, tax incentives and tax loopholes given to the upper 2% elites who are responsible for the 2008 crash, got bailed out by middle and lower class US taxpayers, and yet still got to keep their Bush tax cuts.

I agree: I'm tired those obscenely wealthy & lazy creeps getting bailed out all the time. Let's start with the Koch Brothers and make them pay their fair share of personal and corporate taxes. I'm all for that!

Hear! hear!

Anonymous said...

@ fershitz
Koch Bros = G. Soros
For everone you list from the conservative side there is an equal on the liberal side. SO SHUT UP or move to Russia or maybe even Canada.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

Well right of the bat, there are 2 Koch brothers and only 1 George Soros, so that doesn't really hold up.

Of course, Soros actually made his fortune himself, while the Koch Brothers got their riches from Daddy, but we will ignore that for the time being.

We could also ignore the fact that Soros spends his money to help the people of the world free themselves from autocrats, while the Kochs spend their money basically to serve one purpose: the Kochs. They spend money to ensure that they can keep profiting from pollution without any interference and to ensure that they can squeeze the maximum amount of profit out of every last peasant who they deem worthy of sharing the same planet as the mighty Koch Brothers.

So while Soros is, quite literally, the Scourge of the Dictator, the Kochs are the scourge of the bottom 99%. I'll take George any day of the week.

But to your larger point, is there really parity in the big benefactors politically? Not on your life. Even if we were to look only at individual big donors, the playing field is slanted to the right. But then when we add in all the organizations like the Chamber of Commerce and look at their spending, its not even close, especially in the wake of Citizens United.

Lost Motorcyclist said...

I just found your blog. It has every right wing forwarded email in it that I have received in the last couple of years. Now I can delete my old ones, and if I ever get a new that you don't have already, I will send it along.

Anonymous said...

@ Lost


gruaud said...

@ anon

"For everone you list from the conservative side there is an equal on the liberal side. SO SHUT UP or move to Russia or maybe even Canada."

I'm not really trying to convince you, as I think you're already lost to reason....it's for the other readers that I write this. But if a lightbulb comes on over your head, great.

False equivalence is a logical fallacy. If Jimmy jumps off the bridge, that means it's ok if you jump off the bridge, too; right? This is the reasoning of 8 year olds.

And, in fact, even if there ARE an equivalent number of lefties (har har!!) who are trying to game the system....why do you want the system gamed in the first place?

Because you like eating crumbs? Because you think your tribe is going to take care of you after the dust settles and the blood dries? Whether it's the wealthy of the right or left...if they're screwing you, you should say HELL NO.

So why is it ok if the Kochs dick you in the butt?

Yes, George Soros is rich. You're halfway there, pilgrim.

Think about it.

katz said...

A previous anon already mentioned this, but I'm repeating this because it's important:

George Soros promotes things that help other people.

The Koch brothers promote things that help themselves.

If you think that's equivalent, then there's no hope for you.

gruaud said...

And that's precisely why conservative pundits go
ape-flinging-shit over George Soros.

ferschitz said...

Why should I bother to move to Russia? The Oligarchs in the USA are *enacting* the same KGB system here in the USA (note that Pres Obama has agreed to torture Bradley Manning, a US citizen, who is being held without trial at Quantico), the same disinformation propoganda system (hello Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch with your Fixed "nooz" media empire), and taking notes about how Russian Oligarchs *gamed* their system after the fall of the Soviet empire.

Moving to Canada? Yeah: fine, and in fact, I have been checking out my ability to do just that... in order to get away from those who are seriously brainwashed enough to conflate a false equivalency between ONE leftie millionaire, George Soros, and the many many zillionaires on the right.

Wake up.

Thanks for the rest of the commentary; think the rest of you covered the salient points.

When the dust settles, rightwing conservatives who bow & scrape to the elites & vote against their own intersts will *no better off* than us lefties who are telling the *truth.*

Wake up.

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