Fw: The Way It Should Be...AWESOME

Should Be...AWESOME

Notice that the two presidents attending placed their right hands over their hearts.
We, our Country and our Flag were not disrespected as they are now. 

IF you haven't seen it yet: NATIONAL ANTHEM AT EAGLES GAME...
 Tired of all those "recording stars" singing the national anthem?  Here's what our military can do. 

CLICK HERE:  And this my friends is the way it should be sung......... with no"artistic interpretation"



LiberalGunner said...

Why does Bill Belichick hate America?

I heard quite a bit of interpretation those trumpets riffing is one and repeating the last stanza.

gruaud said...

"Man, I lost my job, my wife has to work two part-time jobs to help make ends meet, we have no healthcare insurance, gas prices are through the roof, and --- OH MY GOD NATIONAL ANTHEM BEING SORTA DISRESPECTED AND STUFF!"

Anonymous said...

Lotta football players in that video not saluting. Are they Unamerican also?

Is this guy saying only the military should be allowed to sing the National Anthem?

ferschitz said...

Great distraction comin' atcha, conservatives. Brought to you by the uber wealthy upper 2%, who don't want you to start *thinking for yourself* and *questioning* why the super wealthy aren't paying their fair share in taxes.

Look over there!!! National anthem not done "correctly"!!! Ohmigawd!!! Sharia Law!!!

Anonymous said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I have season tickets to a sporting team. Sometimes its a recording star, sometimes its a group of kids, sometimes its some random person who may or may not be military, and there's the default guy who's in the reserves. Don't care. Sing it well and sing it quickly so the game can start.

katz said...

For some reason I misread this as "national anthem at Eagles concert," which had me expecting something much more awesome.

Before you go looking it up on YouTube like I did, no, I don't think they ever actually did that.

Thx 4 Fish said...

When being patriotic means a symbolic effort to be politically correct by wearing flag pins or putting hands over hearts during the national anthem...meh

When being patriotic means that companies that want to do business and locate in this country show some appreciation for all the infrustructure provided to them by paying their share of taxes and protecting American jobs. Then I'll start worrying about patriotism in America. If its all about the individual sacrifice of soldiers and citizens while the multinationals and uber-wealthy make up some kind of international-group of free-roaming capitalists then don't bother me about our national anthem I'm a little busy worrying about where our middle class has disappeared to.

katz said...

Check it out, I found conservatives' ideal rendition of the national anthem!

Here it is

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