Fw: CEO of 3M Slams Obama

FromSubject: Fw: CEO of 3M Slams Obama
Subject: CEO of 3M Slams Obama


Anonymous said...

Again with this crap about Obama being "Anti business".

The Stock market is back to its pre-crash levels. Corporate profits are at an all time high. Hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars were given or loaned in order to prop up failing companies. GM was saved and is now profitable again.

Not a single huckster from Wall Street has gone to jail for any of the actions which created this economic catastrophe in the first place. Obama's stimulus cut taxes and provided funding which saved millions of jobs, which in tern helps everyone do business.

This is "anti-business"? Are you shitting me?

Attention 3m stockholders: your CEO is a whiny idiot.

MrCreosote said...

Man, what a jerk. Not a single concrete example cited as to why the climate is so "anti-business" in the US. Just a whining rant consisting of a bunch of vague platitudes in a pathetic attempt to justify what he was going to do anyway: Drop kick jobs from the US to lower cost locales to fatten their already fat bottom lines.

The curious thing is that there are those working class right wingers who will carry the water for these vipers to further their god & guns obsession; or at the very least, to curry favor in the hopes they'll get a few crumbs thrown their way. Because, you know, anything else would be "soshulism" and that's not "amurka" is all about.

ferschitz said...

Thanks to first Anon & MrCreosote. You summed it up. I had already heard Mr. 3M disingenuous ranting whiney justification for off-shoring more US jobs.

Obama didn't even *try* to get rid of the Bush tax cuts for companies and zillionaires, and this nation really needs the upper 2% to pony up and pay their fair share. The elites and the corporations had have nothing but Obama kissing their butts, capitualting and currying their favor since he got in office.

More rightwing propoganda meant to fool the rubes into voting and acting against their better interests. Gimme a break.

Thx 4 Fish said...

I guess if you compare the US to third world countries then the US would seem to be less pro-business. These are countries, of course, where there are no pollution controls, not standards for food and water, no worker rights and virtual slavery for the poor people who get these jobs. I'm sure if Mr. 3M could find a country with legalized slavery he'd move his business there as they would be really pro-business. This is ultimately a human rights issue. And these CEOs who take advantage of the people of the 3rd world are human rights violators. We should not allow them to do business in OUR country.

Anonymous said...

That Obama, he sure is anti-business!

Wait, "anti-business" means he loves helping big business, right?

gruaud said...

"Robin Hood-esque"

He's not too big on irony, is he?

katz said...

FYI, he makes $15 million a year, compared to $32,000 made by an average 3M worker.

Obligatory: Don't buy 3M products. (Disclosure: My husband works for Avery Dennison.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst your collective, progressive bubbles, but the 3M dude is right.
Think about it: IF the the US is soooo open for business, why did the very astute Steve Jobs send the final assembly and manufacturing of the NEW iPad to China? Because...wait for it The Chicoms don't tax company profits at 35% and they have no pesky unions. Under those conditions, I would offshore my company's production and by extension jobs, too. Yes, this prez AND the legislature is anti-business

katz said...

And you, apparently, are pro-outsourcing, since you make it sound like such a good idea.

gruaud said...

The corporate tax rate in China is 25%. So you would outsource your manufacturing to the big red dragon to save 10% on corporate taxes, taxes and jobs that would benefit the American people.

I'll say it again: we need to nationalize industry if we're going to snap the US out of the economic funk it's in. When you privatize everything, you invariably get screwed over in the name of profit.

In order to be "business-friendly" we'd be held hostage to bust all unions, cut wages, eradicate benefits, and bring back child labor.

No thanks.

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