Now you know why --
No birth certificate!


gruaud said...

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Civil rights activists are calling on an Orange County Republic party official to step down after she sent an email with a picture depicting President Barack Obama as a chimpanzee.

Marilyn Davenport, a tea party activist and elected member of the central committee of the Republican Party of Orange County, said she will not heed calls to resign.

The controversial photo shows the president's face superimposed over the head of a baby chimp. The caption beneath the picture read, "Now you know why no birth certificate."

"I was shocked and offended and I immediately replied to her and told her that this was dripping with racism," said Scott Baugh, chairman of the RPOC. "It was sent in poor taste and she should never send an email like that to me again.

"She gave me no response," Baugh added.

Davenport said she has no plans to resign.

"I'm sorry if my email offended anyone, I simply found it amusing regarding the character of Obama and all the questions surrounding his origin of birth," she wrote to committee members. "In no way did I even consider the fact he's half black when I sent out the email. In fact, the thought never entered my mind until one or two other people tried to make this about race."

Translation: "Sorry I got caught showing my true colors but all you Confederates and Birthers and Klansmen....you totally get where I'm coming from. WINK WINK. WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!"

Tell me, when did you folks first realize that you'd embraced evil? Was it a sudden shock or did you just decide years ago "Fuck it! I'm going Dark Side!"

Anonymous said...

Classic case of "stupid or evil"?

Was the sender of this email really so stupid as to not have any idea that there is a long, disgraceful history of degrading blacks by comparing them to (or outright calling them) monkeys...


Was she so evil as to know about this sad history but still forward this email as humor?

Answer: It doesn't matter, she's a fucking idiot who shouldn't be in public office.

Saddest part of this for me was finding out that Scott Adams, creator of the comic Dilbert, is a total wingnut moron who actually had the gall to claim that this lady was the real "victim" here, because she was "so NOT racist that she didn't even make the connection". Really, Mr. Adams?

Zeno said...

Step 1. Conditional apology:

"I'm sorry if my email offended anyone."

Step 2. Cite black friends:

"I have friends who are black." [In a statement to R. Scott Moxley]

Good try, Marilyn. The preferred formula is "Some of my best friends are black!", but it's not a bad effort. You're about as close to the stereotype of the clueless bigot as anyone could ask.

Anonymous said...

Never mess up an apology with an excuse.

ferschitz said...

Oh but by the way, if any of us leftwingers point out the out of control racism exhibited by this nasty photo, then - per the dictat of RushGlenn - WE are actually the "racists"... bc WE are "seeing" racism where none exits.

Don't forget that neat trick devised by the rightwing facists to enable their racist minions to enjoy the Southern Strategy without a care or conscience or any integrity whatsoever.

Typical. I think it was Bebe who pointed out that these types of nasty racist ignorant RWF almost *always* have words mis-spelled, which I am coming to agree with Bebe is not an accident - or indicative that they person who originated this didn't know how to spell.

I do think it's a rightwing Powers that Be decision to encourage the dumbing down & venerate the ignorance of their rightwing base. It's happen far too often to be mere coincidence.

Hooray4US said...

I recently found about Scott Adams (Dilbert cartoonist) being a rightwing nutjob Tea Party type. I, too, felt sad to learn that info and it's cast a pall over any enjoyment I used to get when reading Dilbert.

I have eaten in Adams' restaurant in Pleasanton, CA, some years ago. Have to say that I wouldn't go back there again now, as I cannot support someone who is so clearly racist. Let the market be free; I'm not buying that.

plannedkaos said...

You're clearly not smart enough to understand Scott Adams, he does, after all, have a genius level IQ.

Anonymous said...

"I do think it's a rightwing Powers that Be decision to encourage the dumbing down & venerate the ignorance of their rightwing base. It's happen far too often to be mere coincidence."
I always kind of thought it was on purpose too - although my guess as to why they do has been that they want to make it seem more "authentic". I always kind of imagined some preppy, privileged, well-paid think-tank minion sitting in an office somewhere coming up with this stuff, and thinking "Now, how do I write some agenda-furthering BS that those dumb sheep who vote for us will believe came from a fellow 'Real American'(tm) idiot like themselves? ...Hmmm, better spell some stuff wrong to make it seem real, I know how uneducated our voters are!" and snickering to himself while he does it (“these idiots will fall for anything, lucky for us!").

Anonymous said...


Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and higher education positively fortifies it.
Stephen Vizinczey

Hooray4US said...

So a known racist has a "genius level IQ"??? I thought all the T-GOP types were ever so adamantly against elitists and intellectuals.

I thought rightwingers only wanted to associate with those of their own ilk, who weren't all that smart.... like how it would be so great to "have a beer with GW Bush" and all.

But, oh hey: It's OK If You're A Republican (IOKIYAR)... happens every time!

No, guess I'm not "smart enough" to "understand" Scott Adams, his nasty racism, and his alleged "genius IQ." Thank the dog for that small favor!

So hey, plannedchaos - what's your IQ??? Or are ya just racist enough to "understand" Mr. Adams??? Inquiring minds need to know!

plannedkaos said...

plannedchaos is the handle scott adams used to stroke himself on reddit and metafilter, see here: http://gawker.com/#!5792583/dilbert-creator-pretends-to-be-his-own-biggest-fan-on-message-boards. Trying to be funny, I failed, I'll do better next time.

gruaud said...

Folks, plannedkaos is just kidding.

'PlannedChaos' was Adam's alternate ID used to praise and defend himself on his message board.


Pretty funny, actually.

gruaud said...

Beaten like a redheaded stepchild.

Hooray4US said...

heh... well sometimes being snarky misses the original mark, but I can take a joke. thanks for the clarification... it's amusing in that light.

Tootseye said...

Ah, so now we have further proof about how very un-racist the T-GOPers are. Yeah: I get it. Picture an AA man as a monkey; sure; nothing racist to see here, kids. Move along now....

Anonymous said...

Dear Contards,

Please learn the difference between "there" and "their".


All people who read English.

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